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  1. How much longer we thinking he’ll be out for?
  2. I have Gordon Hayward too, but lowkey I'm almost thinking that it's been a plus for me to have him out so that Miles can shine. He's been insanely productive recently.
  3. Right. I’m kind of anxious wishing he saved this line for me when it mattered 😬
  4. Yeah, I had to drop Jaden McD for him last night. He seems like he’s finally becoming consistent with Hayward down.
  5. Y’all think he’ll go cold again? Can’t decide whether to drop him for Miles Bridges (with Hayward out now) or hold 🤔
  6. You would think that wouldn't be the move for a tanking team, but Casey has been a super frustrating tank commander at times this year (I'm a Pistons fan).
  7. Oh no doubt, this is what I was hoping for, so I'm definitely satisfied now 😂
  8. Just hope he's fine when my playoffs start in 2 weeks
  9. First time watching him for an extended period of time in today's game against the Pacers, he looks really good. His chemistry with Rus looks nice too. Idk if it's just a result of Beal being out tonight though
  10. I mean, he's taking shots (15 today), he's just not shooting well at all lately.
  11. Lol obviously none from last night. I think yall just misinterpreted my post though, and really didn't think about the part where I said I'm in an 8 team league (or don't know what that's like). As I said in the original post, his production has been amazing if you're in a 10 team league or higher. However, his performances since March 4th (besides the games yesterday, and against, Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit) have been extremely basic (outside of the ELITE blocking) for an 8 team league. And again, the big thing here for me is that I know I got him on the waiver wire, but the
  12. He’s playing well and the blocks are great, but I’m not gonna lie, I was really hoping his overall production would sky rocket once Aldridge left, and it’s been a little inconsistent (for me in an 8 team league, if you are in a larger league it’s very solid production across the board). Still holding obviously tho
  13. Yup, I don’t see him sustaining this once Rose comes back
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