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  1. Would be amazing. On the very scary flip side, what if Vucevic (or another big man) comes along and Williams is NOT moved? That seems like a terrible situation
  2. He's only on 22% of rosters in ESPN leagues right now 🤣 I can't 😂
  3. Yeah I know, I’m enjoying it while I can though
  4. What if you also have Noel to form the trilogy 😏
  5. Im not watching, why were Paul and him pulled when it’s still a close game with 2 minutes and Lebron is still in? 🤔
  6. Unfortunately, it's hard to deny that their strategy is working though, since they have the #3 record in the league.
  7. He's been going OFF since that rough start, damn
  8. I've never wanted a player to be traded more
  9. God of Wind, Air, and Blocks. Bless us Quetzalpoeltl 🙌
  10. Anyone in an 8 teamer think he's got holding potential after Mitch Rob gets back? I want to believe, but I'm skeptical
  11. I kept forgetting to reply to this, and I didn't mean to wait until he had his worst game of the season to do so, but here we are. So what I had been meaning to say in a reply is that I should've made it clear that I play in an 8 team league, so that has a lot to do with the way I see things (if you're in a 10 teams league, obviously he's going to be a much more obvious hold). But if you look at the 2 games he had before today on the 26th and 24th he was shooting 41% and 38% from the field respectively (and 33% from the line on the 26th to go along with it). Not saying that's horrible w
  12. He's really starting to become a bit more consistent, which is really nice. It's just tough, because he needs to be insanely productive when he IS playing because he's missing so many guaranteed games.
  13. I dropped the other day, wish I would’ve dropped sooner. if you need points or 3s, he’s solid, and he throws in a nice handful of rebounds for his position. But his percentages and stocks are just too low to justify myself holding him any longer when he’s injured as often as he is (and I’m also super solid on 3s and points without him)
  14. I picked him off waivers to get a block tonight, plz don’t let me down!
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