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  1. ESPN League: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=53415069 Categories are: R / HR / RBI / BB / SB / OBP - |-|-|- K / QS / ERA / WHIP / SVHD If you want to manage a team, please send me your email and let me know which team. Please don't respond if you are not interested in being an active owner, thanks. The two teams are: Team LaTragna and baba o’reily
  2. One Team left: Fort Wayne TinCaps The Team includes Trea Turner, Stephen Strasburg, Tyler Glasnow, Jose Abreu, Chris Sale and Young Talent Cavan Biggio and Zack Plesac
  3. What the f--- is your problem? Why would you join my league, drop the majority of your players and then leave?

    1. tytomkiel


      The league seemed dead - I'm happy to rejoin, but is it active?


      Email me at tytomkiel@gmail.com

    2. tytomkiel


      I apologize - rookie mistake on my end I should've contacted you first. If you want me back shoot me an invite to tytomkiel@gmail.com


      I feel bad. Sorry man, but I also hope you understand I'm looking for an active league


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