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  1. 12 team 5x5 redraft daily waivers and daily lineup changes We have an IP limit (1400) and not really sure how to handle it, I have never worked with a limit nor had only 8 P spots Also should my bench be almost all pitchers? C 1B 2B SS 3B OF OF OF SP SP RP RP P P P P Bench 5 IL 4
  2. Got my free NFL streaming email. So I can get a real draft kit also? We are holding a live draft Wednesday, would it arrive in time?
  3. Can the streaming be done on the TV? Also I cannot get the link to work, might be me but can you post again plx ty!
  4. Can you trade out? Nuke or Johnson is about what you should be getting there. No way I take a TE that early
  5. roto redraft league Our FAAB runs tonight, I have $645 left of $1000 Do you think $200 is to much, not enough?
  6. You would be thin at SP but still to have Sale, Greinke and Flaherty, that is pretty nice I would do it!
  7. I need a 1B more than anything but not sure about this trade. Love getting bats, but ....... Give Kershaw/Soroka/Leclerc get Bregman/Albies My team Narvarez 1B - Yonder Alonso 2B- La Stella SS- Segura MI - Peraza, Jeff McNeil 3B - Kris Bryant CI - Eugenio Suarez OF- Puig, Piscotty, Buxton, Frazier SP - Sale SP - Greinike SP- Flaherty SP- Soroka SP - Kershaw Sp - K Gibson RP - Yates RP- Neris RP- Leclerc Bench- Mahle
  8. 2 starts this week but @CHC and @MIL, anyone considering benching? Jake has looking shaky for a few weeks, I am worried abut a couple 3-5 ER games
  9. 5x5 redraft league give Greinke get Abreu I would still have Scherzer, Flaherty and Strasburg left My current 1B is Dietrich
  10. Thanks just gave you some help Also wanted to add that Chavis went for $123 last week, that is why I was thinking it might take $100 or touch more
  11. Buttrey no close for me honestly. He is just better I truly feel he is gonna get saves. Might be a touch less the Jeffres but I still like Buttrey.
  12. 5x5 basic roto league 12 teams My first basemen at the moment is Mitch Moreland I have $650 left of my 1000 budget, what would you go on Nate Lowe? I was thinking like 110 or so might get him
  13. hard to believe over 160 AB's since last year and not even a stolen base attempt
  14. They like him, I saw a couple weeks Anyone grabbing Martin as well?
  15. I am in 4 leagues and cannot believe Romo is just sitting there as a FA. Are folks really that worried about the 1 IP 4 ER line? He looks decent to me. Bottom barrel but he has a job at least
  16. So sick of this dude! Start one week, 3 hits, bench the next, he does good, tired of the game What about this week?
  17. If I could give Kershaw for Winker and Alonso, gidde up! In fact I would throw a player in if he wanted, maybe a $5-6 player
  18. 5x5 who do ya like for a #5 OF? Dwight Smith Josh Reddick
  19. So with the types of offers I am seeing for Leclerc, it seems other people (NOT ME) think he rebounds I am out on this dude, any reason to think othewise
  20. 5x5 roto Want to buy low on Franmil and get Hoskins Giving Bryant and Puig, to much?
  21. Bradley has 7 home games but he is coooooold! Verdugo has 6 games but is not a starter
  22. redraft league Better fifth OF to grab Jackie Bradley or Ryan Braun?
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