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  1. Yikes! If you did it thru PayPal, you can file a fraud claim or something like that. One guy did that last year and got his money back. I got swindled by paying with bitcoin because I don’t have paypal so I had to take the L on that. Good luck tho!
  2. ^^^ Yup! It’s a scam league. Same league but different screen name this year. Some guys fell for it too.
  3. The thread from last year... Same league, same “Hugo” commissioner but different screen name. Some guy exposed him on the last post on that thread about not paying in the football league, hence the different screen name this year. Clever
  4. Did you get your money back by any chance? It’s pretty obvious this league is a scam. I got scammed last year but exposed them right before the season started. Just check the league history tab and you’ll see that like 13 outta 16 owners get deleted and replaced. I bet it’s 1 or 2 guys with 2-3 accounts running a side hustle for $600 a season.
  5. Are the funds thru LeagueSafe? I’m interested.
  6. Your league is private and settings are not viewable.
  7. What are you thinking as far as the acquisition limits go? I’m an active player and don’t want to limit myself. I’m in if there’s no matchup acquisition limit.
  8. Hey I’m down!! I played in the first year of your league. I was the Cubs and the top seed but lost a heart breaker in the first round of the playoffs haha. Let me know
  9. What are the matchup acquisition limits / season acquisition limits?
  10. I’ll pass. The matchup acquisition limit is the #1 thing that i specifically do NOT want. Best of luck tho!
  11. I don’t believe in limiting myself. I’m looking for a league that would suit my active playing style- it seems that 95%+ of leagues are lame and have acquisition limits. I want to play without being held back. If the league has a games started limit or whatever, that’s fine with me. But the matchup / season acquisition limit is super annoying. Besides that, the league should be 12 to 16 teams, H2H points or categories, on ESPN and a money league with funds handled thru LeagueSafe. If you have this type of league and are looking for an active owner, post a link to the settings. Thank
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