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  1. Have an opening in our keeper roto league. $50 fee, but negotiable for this year because the team needs some work. 20 keepers from last year's roster. 10 round draft. 30 man roster. 5x5 roto league. Pay out the top four each season. (275/175/100/50) 10th year of the league, active owners. If you're interested or have questions, hit me up here or email me direct bobsheffield726@gmail.com
  2. freil18, drop me a line bobsheffield726@gmail.com with any questions. I'll send you the roster also if the attachment didn't work.
  3. 10th year Yahoo keeper league looking for an owner to take over a team. $50 entry fee. Pay out to top four. 20 keepers. 30 man roster. 5x5 roto league. The roster is attached, keep 20 of them. Draft is a slow draft, this team has 5th pick in each round. If you are interested or have questions, reply here or send me an email: bobsheffield726@gmail.com Thanks! Rotokeepers Team.xlsx
  4. Tunaman and drocb, if you didn't get into this league or are still looking, I commish a 10th year Yahoo keeper that is looking for an owner. $50 entry fee. Pay out top four. 20 keepers. 5x5 roto scoring. Team needs a little work, but you will also have a full compliment of draft picks (30 man roster). I attached the rosters also. If either of you are interested, drop me an email: bobsheffield726@gmail.com Rotokeepers Team.xlsx
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