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  1. Hey, I noticed there is no thread yet for Jimmy Buckets. What you guys think of him this season? Do you think he'll have plenty of load-management games? Let's discuss.
  2. Yep, sadly they changed the stats back to 0/0/0 for all categories...
  3. Mine is still not fixed. Just as @hoopnking24, it shows RoCo’s stats for yesterday and also in Summary of this week. However, total score is still not updated and do not involve his latest stats.
  4. When the game was ongoing, it showed his stats. However, after it finished it all got erased. And apart from espn fantasy, espn website and scoreboard does not show RoCo stats either. Very weird
  5. Anybody knows why did ESPN suddenly delete Lord’s stats for the Lakers game? Or how to reach them for a solution?
  6. I’d definitely pick him up. Could you help with mine?
  7. What’s the question here? Which of these 4 is best for dynasty? If so that seems a hard question but I’d either go for Simmons or Mitchell Could you help with mine?
  8. I’d drop Brooks, Fultz has more upside Could you help with mine?
  9. I’d keep Favors. Ross is just Pts/3s Could you help with mine?
  10. Yep, don’t do the trade. Could you help with mine?
  11. Totally agree with this. Kanter shouldn’t be available in many waivers and Nunn is declining compared to season start Could you help with mine?
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