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  1. nah I would not. Stafford has been over his head a bit I think but most weeks will be a notch above Foles Good luck!
  2. Yeah does not seem to even close to funny business. The trades you posted are spot in even. I mean if one team was 0-9, 1-8 or something I could see some being upset but they would still be fair Some leagues are just like this. Run by a bunch of dudes who like football but not good with value and what leagues are all about Leave the league and tell them why!
  3. Patrick laird!! Dude is a baller catching passes out of the backfield in MIA, they like, him, he was great in preseason, the opportunity is there Like Reynolds also but he is more of a WR 4 but has upside. Almost like counting on 3 catches in hopes of 5 with him
  4. I like Johnson just due to catching more passes and schedule Without injury Gore will be just a plodding #2 with not great matchups
  5. [...] Looked at the schedule and saw the Patriots in a few weeks, what do you guys expect in that game? [...]
  6. I like Pascal a lot this week I always like Scary Terry, worry about Haskings but think he will get a lot of targets so I go with him
  7. I like Gordon or floor, Pascal for upside Do depending on your matchup and what you think your odds are....
  8. Bench Ingram. I thin NE focuses on him with Brown being out or limited on Ravens
  9. PPR gotta start 2 of these guys McLaurin Pascal DeSean
  10. I am going with DJ at RB2 and Chase in flex. Thinking 30 points total, from whoever the hell is playing
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