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  1. Fantrax, Free, H2H cat. Dynasty. League is beginning year 2. We started with teams adding veteran free agent claims and then moved on to our prospect draft. Because of too many scheduling conflicts we transitioned this draft to a "slow" prospect auction. Only specific players are available on specific days. Teams put in blind bids for prospects on the block. Auction Dollars were determined by previous season finish (and playoff win bonus). Every team gets a playoff match. Win that match and you get a playoff bonus to your following year's auction budget. So
  2. Ignore this. Owner showed up. So no open spot.
  3. Yahoo, Free, H2H Cat, Dynasty. 20 Teams. I am looking for a dedicated fantasy player to take over for a team. League is friendly and active on the trade market. The league had started its slow draft but this owner seems to have disappeared and is not responding. It looks like I will have to find a replacement for him. Detroit Tigers: team has a few core players, but needs work establishing depth Features: T.Turner, E.Suarez, W.Myers, L.Cain, JD.Davis, D.Varsho, B.Woodruff, P.Lopez, G.Marquez Prospects: A.Schunk, G.Henderson, M.Busch, B.Lora, B.Garrett, Ha-Seong Kim
  4. Free, H2H cat. Have not heard back from one of the managers and I need to find a replacement owner. Currently in round 1 of the league's slow draft. Unknown Ballers: - Team has some talent, but needs an owner ready to embrace the challenge of a rebuild/retool. Team Features: J.Abreu, J.Altuve, J.McNeil, A.Nola, B.Snell, J.Hader, J.Musgrove, Top Prospect: S.Langeliers, N.Song. This league is full of a lot of really dedicated, active owners with many trades per year. Just need to find one more willing to embrace this challenge. If interested or w
  5. Free, H2H Cat. Entering 2nd year. We begin the year with an auction to win draft slots. Teams put in blind bids for a set number of draft slots per day (#1 on the first day, #2 & #3 on the second, etc. - Progressively adding more). This will go for anywhere between 30-50 spots, depending on how many minor league spaces are open on team rosters before the start of the season. League has a great core of managers that I play in multiple leagues with. Unfortunately I had to replace a couple spots entering year 2. I am looking for one replacement manager for the follo
  6. Richmond Flying Squirrels & Rancho Cucamonga Quakes are still looking for managers. Was hoping to get started soon, but need to fill these two spots.
  7. An owner dropped out shortly before the draft and I need to find a replacement. League is set to begin our slow draft Sat @ noon. The team itself is not bad. Greenville Drive - this team has a lot of MLB talent and good prospects. Team Features: T.Story, J.Abreu, L.Gurriel, T.Grisham, T.McKenzie, J.DeGrom, S.Strasburg Top Prospects: A.Vaughn, J.Dominguez, R.Puason As for the expansion setting; we started with 10 teams. Add 2 expansion teams this year and two next year. Greenville is not an expansion team, it is an established team that does not loses pl
  8. Chattanooga Lookouts have been claimed. Two teams remain.
  9. Silver Bullets have been claimed. Dread Pirates remain looking for an owner.
  10. Ignore Reading Phillies, they were already taken.
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