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  1. Not sure I'd try and trade Gausman. Probably more of a wait and see. If he gets off to a good start I'd look to trade him but if he's terrible hold for a bit then drop him.
  2. This looks great for a 16 team league. There's a few players I don't love like Gattis and Gausman but overall great.
  3. Traded Nola and Yelich for Trout which also allowed me to add Trea Turner as a keeper.
  4. 10 team H2H points league. We keep 4 players every year. My keepers this year after some trading are Trout, Altuve, Trea Turner, and Machado. Aces were gone by draft day so I went pretty heavy on pitching. I'll need to make some moves to add bench hitters but there are decent guys on the waiver wire. How'd I do? Any trades I should go after? C - Zunino 1B - Aguilar 2B - Altuve 3B - Eduardo Escobar (Machado will go here when eligible) SS - Machado OF - Trout OF - Dahl OF - Justin Upton UTIL - Trea Turner SP - Corbin SP - Marquez SP - Kershaw SP - Archer SP - Pi
  5. 10 team H2H Points with 4 keepers. Keepers can be forever. Right now I have my keepers set to Altuve, Yelich, Machado and Nola with Trea Turner on my team and set to be dropped. I was offered Trout for Yelich and Nola. If I take the trade I could add Turner to my keepers. Effectively it's Trout and Turner for Yelich and Nola. Pitching killed me last year and so my hangup is with Nola. With 4 keepers per team there certainly won't be any aces left for my first draft pick. I'm still pretty new to fantasy baseball and I'm really just going off last years struggles with not having
  6. I don't think they should limit the shift. I'd love to see Bryce change his approach at the plate though to take advantage of how he's being played. I totally understand players not wanting to adjust their swing but he's talented enough to still get it done.
  7. I love Bregman and I think he's poised for a monster year if healthy.
  8. I would definitely do it considering you can keep him forever. He's going to be a monster.
  9. I love him but Altuve makes me nervous. So talented but I'm wondering if he will hold up and avoid injury.
  10. Certainly strong hitting although I'm not a huge fan of Donaldson. Getting Scherzer probably cost a pretty penny. The rest of your pitching isn't great but having that ace will help.
  11. Betts for sure or Trout if available.
  12. I might keep Castillo over Osuna but that's a toss up to me. Otherwise I think you are right on.
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