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  1. I am looking for 6 more members to fill up the league. Experienced fantasy baseball players are preferred. However, if you have little to no experience, as long as you’re competitive we’d gladly welcome you to the league. Would anyone be interested in joining? If so, please comment on this post or message me for the link to the league. Details for league settings can be found below. Draft settings: Sun, Mar 1 12:00 PM PST 90 Seconds per pick Draft order is randomized one hour prior to draft time Roster: 1 (C) 1 (1B) 1 (2B) 1 (
  2. ESPN 10 team standard H2H recreational league. Looking for 2 members to fill up my league preferably with fantasy baseball experience. As it stands the draft will be on Friday @ 9 or 10 am PST barring an unexpected change. Lmk if you’re interested and I’ll send a link to join the league.
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