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  1. Yeah I think so too. I could also amend it this way: I give: Yordan $0, Tyler Mahle, and (Sale $0 or Severino $0) I get: Story $10, John Means $5, Gore $0 That better?
  2. League Setup: 14 team h2h points keeper league (keep 4 players for budget of $12) I was offered 2 trades: TRADE A: I Give: Yordan Alvarez $0, Sale $0, and Severino $0 I get: Trevor Story $10 TRADE B: I Give: Yordan Alvarez $0 and Tyler Mahle $6 I get: Trevor Story $10, and Mackenzie Gore $0 C. Omar Narvaez 1b: Cody Bellinger $3 2b: Mike Moustakas 3b: Rafael Devers SS: Jorge Polanco OF: Juan Soto $1 OF: Nick Senzel OF: Ryan Mountcastle Util: Yordan Alvarez $0 Util: Josh Donaldson
  3. LEAGUE FORMAT: H2H Points 14 team Keeper (4 keepers $12) I was offered 2 trades, and considering doing both. TRADE 1: I give: Yordan Alavarez $0 + (Luis Severino $0 / Chris Sale $0) *Which of Sale or Severino should I trade away? I get: Trevor Story TRADE 2: I give: Moustakas I get: Meadows $1 *I need a better SS, and I could use Polanco and Gimenez at 2b if I lose Moustakas. **Trading for a 1 year rental of Story, and getting rid of a cheap $0 Alvarez, and possibly $0 Sale or Severino. ***My keepers next yea
  4. Since I only have Andres gimenez and Polanco at SS, and getting meadows in the trade, should I do the Soto for Tatis trade to make SS stronger, and maybe sell Polanco/ Gimenez?
  5. Super solid team! Light on speed but overall you are well rounded, and extremely strong. I know people commented on your relief, but I think they are fine for now, and you should be able to find more during season.
  6. I would hold onto Devers and Lindor
  7. Thanks! Is it worth considering A since I will be acquiring Meadows? Or do I have enough SS options, that I won't need to?
  8. Sale for sure. Severino back earlier, and Witt should start season or at least produce soon. I have all three on my team too!!
  9. I just completed my draft, and it didn't go as quite as planned. Got a hole at SS, and need some advice on possible trades. League Setup: 14 Team H2H points keeper league To Upgrade my SS: Trade A: Trade Juan Soto $0, for their $0 Tatis Trade B: Trade my Moustakas and Drew Smyly for Austin Meadows and Jean Segura *Let me know if I should do one, or both trades, or stay put. Thank you! C. Dalton Varsho 1b: Luke Voit 2b: Mike Moustakas 3b: Rafael Devers SS: Jorge Polanco OF: Juan Soto OF: Cody Bellinger OF: Ryan Mountcast
  10. Freeman. Not super old, and consistent. Play to win now!
  11. Would take Yelich and the 6th pick!
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