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  1. Thanks for your answer, good point. What if he threw in Torkelson, Bobby Witt or Gore?
  2. Thanks for the response. What if they threw in Boyd too? Still not spicy enough? I like Paddack but afraid if he keeps struggling he won't even keep his starting rotation spot with Gore coming up at some point.
  3. In a dynasty H2H scoring league would you trade the struggling Paddack for Carlos Rodon?
  4. I have Paddack and loved him for my dynasty league, however a lot of critics seems super low on him and having a rough go of things since last year. Is trading him away for Carlos Rodon dumb?
  5. YES!!! I just joined this and losing it. Great commish work! Anyone looking for a good fun active league, join this!
  6. This is actually looking like a pretty quality team, how big is the league?
  7. 12-Team H2H and hurting with injuries, any of these worth a pickup? Would drop Dieng, Zubac or Rubio. Thanks in advance!
  8. haha well said, yeah that line last night was pretty scary.
  9. Haha definitely seems to be the case. Excited to see what he can do when he gets more playing time though, whenever that is. Still avoid in deep leagues though?
  10. Ah that's more like it - thank you very much
  11. Didn't see a thread on him. Would like to take a minute to just honor his greatness thus far. Double/Double machine.
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