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  1. Disagree. New Orleans is the only rush defense I'd be worried about. Arizona, Atlanta, Jacksonville (IF Dareus is still out), Detroit, Indianapolis, and Houston aren't too intimidating.
  2. You want wide outs in the slot vs the Bears. Buster Skrine is their nickel corner and he's trash.
  3. Judging by the BABIP, he has been getting lucky. Which is scary cause he's already not very good. So once the BABIP normalizes, and if he continues to let up homeruns, he'll be closer to that 5.05 FIP and truthfully may be worse. Needs to somehow limit homeruns. If he fails to do that, I don't see things getting better.
  4. The whole second half decline stuff really isn't true. Go look at his numbers the past seven years in the second half. His xfip is under 3.25 in 6/7 years (only 29 ip in 2018, so sss for last season).
  5. Please don't bring Bieber back out. For the love of God, please don't lol. I know he's at ~100 pitches but I've seen Francona do it before.
  6. Cubs have just about raised his season ERA by a full run in a week.
  7. By seasons end if your team's ERA is 4.00-4.25 you may be in the top third of your league.
  8. Thanks Marquez. Thanks Rusin. These relievers let the inherited runners score every ******* time.
  9. Him not hitting in front of Harper may help. Maybe, merely speculation on my part though.
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