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  1. Personally I'm curious to see how these college players translate to proball. No really big names. Honestly this draft class wasn't nearly as intriguing as years past (last year's wasn't all that great either).
  2. Cristian Pache is my favorite breakout candidate in the system this year. He will likely follow in Acuna’s footsteps and spend the year at Rome, and he is an 18-year old with 5-tool potential. Pache’s stats from last season were solid, but he did not tap into any home run power. Scouts expect that to come, and a full season should help put it on display. Pache possesses solid bat to ball skills and good speed. If you missed the quick rise of Acuna, pounce on Pache now.
  3. if you put it up just make sure you do help those who help you.. obviously we cant monitor our pages all day, but when you do see that someone has responded to your post definitely help them back.. No shame if you cant help because you really dont know the answer or dont want to mislead someone, but if you have some knowledge or advice to add, give them a hand. I like to have people attach links to their thread along with their answers to make it easy for me to help them back by simply clicking the link at the bottom of their response to my question
  4. Last year that trade would had been looked at differently! Even this year, is not as bad as other offers I've seen.see Giannis more as an early second rounder than late first, and Klay is likely a 3rd round value, so though not quite even, it doesn't qualify as "terrible"
  5. 1. Have you answered other peoples questions? You don't have to answer my questions but you do have to answer some questions. If I've never heard of you and you've asked a question, the first thing I do is look down the list of recent responses and see if you have responded to anyone else's question. WHIR means nothing to me. I want to see what you have done. It's my #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 most important requirement.
  6. Got offered Deandre Jordan for Kyle Lowry Paul Millsap - I told the guy never to message me again hahaha
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