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  1. I would go back and watch more of the Eagles last year. As analytics get more integrated into the game, it's more and more clear that sacks are to some extent at least a QB stat (QB sack rates don't dramatically change when they move teams) and Wentz's pocket presence/ability to evade pressure bottomed out last year while Rivers has one of the quickest releases in football. Pressures are a far better indication of OL play outside of QB impact That said I'm not ruling out that Wentz can return to 2019 levels--just don't think the off chance of that is worth a 1st+ (and it will be a 1st+ un
  2. I think he could be the answer for Miami but I highly highly doubt he is fantasy relevant in 2021 outside of 2QB leagues--even though I think he will improve
  3. Chase is definitely not getting to 16 but yeah I'm not doubting his talent. Just seems like something that wouldn't be nearly as considered if not for the Burrow connection and I think that's bad team building
  4. Cam Newton had an even better season with Ron Rivera as his HC. WFT should sign him as their starter. He's an MVP after all Am I doing this right?
  5. There were some rumblings that the Colts didn't want him back/were planning to move on and he opted for retirement than moving again but yeah it may have been out of their control too
  6. Love this dude. I really hope he gets a legitimate QB
  7. This is where I'm at pretty much. Have him in dynasty and was really hoping for Stafford/Ryan or a trade up for Wilson I'd rather have Rivers back than this
  8. Can't even wrap my head around how awful of a pick Chase (doubly so if Smith or Pitts) would be. Mike Brown must be trying to murder Burrow if that is actually the selection when they have Boyd and Higgins Picking Chase because "cOlLeGe cOnNeCtIoN" is why bad franchises stay bad forever. It's something the Scott Pioli Chiefs or Matt Millen Lions would have done Sewell if he is there, Slater if he is not (maybe with a trade back), Darrisaw in a trade back if both aren't there
  9. Should've just kept Rivers if this scrub was the best they could get to replace him This is a fleece for the Eagles but because of the way the two franchises' FOs are seen (not entirely unfair but still) it'll be called a win for the Colts
  10. This move will pretty much determine Stafford's legacy--whether he goes down as a great QB who wasted his years on a bad team (Warren Moon/Dan Fouts esque) or a high arm talent gunslinger but moderately above average stats guy (Drew Bledsoe) I for one think he is really, really good and this Rams team is going to the NFC CG next year. There's a reason that people in the NFL seem to think so highly of him (Les Snead/Mcvay obviously, Bruce Arians, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Mahomes) while fans call him sucky because he didn't win Super Bowls with Matt Patricia, a grand total of zero 1000
  11. I expect a significantly lower scoring game than most Chiefs OL will have its hands full and the Chiefs defense is the most underrated unit in the game right now
  12. I was just informed that the Titans celebrated on the Ravens logo earlier this year. In that case the logo thing makes sense It's more the Bad Boys Pistons style running out the tunnel You wake up lol
  13. After that display I am truly going to enjoy Lamar next week with the sad, pouty face on the sideline he usually has after we do our number on those pathetic ratbirds 2nd grade sportsmanship. Maybe they can do that next week after they score their first TD...in the 4th quarter
  14. Overrated: Saints, Seahawks, Steelers Any of these frauds can lose--playing the numbers though the Bears aren't a real playoff team so New Orleans is probably the safest (would not count it out at all though) Browns are a mess so the Steelers may skirt by--I say 50/50 Midseason Seahawks would run through the NFC--the current version will have their hands full against the Rams defense and were fortunate to even win two weeks ago in the worst game Goff has played in quite some time--ripe for the upset Others seem self explanatory--with Titans/Ravens being a pure tossup. Selfi
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