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  1. My sleeper pick for QB1 next year Hope Jerruh moves up for Pitts if you own Dak==defense stays bad+another weapon
  2. His 2020 statline: 51 receptions on 68 targets for 771 yards, 3 TDs for 15.1 Y/R In 9 games =85.7 yards/game That's a pace of 1370 yards for the season He also left two games with injury where he only played 23% and 40% of snaps In the 7 Games He Played 80%+ of snaps, he had 700 yards==100 yards/game For a season that's 1600 yards--would place him first in the NFL ahead of Diggs and Kelce Even ahead of Davante Adams' 98.1 yards per game (which was first in the NFL) if those two games he exited early are removed His fantasy PPG was 16.2--good for WR14 in
  3. My favorite safety in this draft. If he wasn’t 24 as a rookie he’d be a first rounder Not necessarily. kittle had worse draft capital, barely any college usage in pass catching and ended up showing some flashes year 1 and breaking out year 2 Obviously a high end example but the best TEs often show something on tape or by their efficiency relatively early (year 1-2) to indicate they are really good at football even before they truly break out and start putting up consistently fantasy relevant statlines
  4. If you are in dynasty willing to stash for a few years I think his ceiling is super high in fantasy too. Of this class only Pitts and Hunter Long can match his athletic profile. Tight end use in the passing game depends notoriously on offense--especially with college offenses
  5. I mean I get the logic and like the player but this would be an awful look when you send so many picks for Darnold and spend a premium pick on insurance instead of helping him succeed when the team has desperate needs at OT and CB That said I do expect him to have a short leash and all---so not a crazy pick. It would just reflect horribly on the GM Just sucks for teams in the third that actually need a QB like Chicago
  6. I was more interested when I thought the Bengals cared about protecting Burrow Drafting Chase (as appears to be the pick) makes Mixon a guy I'll take but not actively target. They want to throw 45 times a game
  7. I will most assuredly be drafting him everywhere for the first time since 2016 or so The underlying metrics for last year were still elite and I am drafting with the expectation that he will miss a few games
  8. I'll take Chicago as my last team now that I see they're unclaimed (that'll be my third and final one for this round)
  9. The Jets grabbed a guard/tackle hybrid earlier in Leatherwood and addressed their need at corner with their first two picks after Wilson--leading me to believe the focus of these next picks should be building around their franchise QB Personally I don't really like Leatherwood (would be pissed if the Chiefs took him at 31 but that's beside the point) so I am doubling up on OL here with a center/guard who seems to be the mystery man of the draft with a monster ceiling in Quinn Meinerz--the interior O lineman from DIII Wisconsin-Whitewater. This man has an explosive first step, power i
  10. He is a good player and always has been--not a great one but pretty solid That said, I can't imagine Atlanta doesn't add an RB in round 2 or 3, particularly with the capital they get if they move back from 4--could be a co number 1 situation or relegated to backup if it's a Najee type Still though there are situations like Miami last year where a team needs an RB but has too many areas to fix and the draft board doesn't shake out their way for value and they don't go RB until day 3 If so I think Davis will be a sneaky RB2 next year that can be had for FLEX prices
  11. The Chiefs--like the Packers and Saints kind of--take a look at WR in need of a quality number 2 WR opposite their star 1--as well as a linebacker/corner for what is consistently one of the worst LB and corner groups in the NFL year after year. Yet the return of Willie Gay (last year's 2nd rounder), the hit on Lajarius Sneed on day 3 last year, positional value and the ability to potentially move on from Frank Clark's dumpster fire of a contract next offseason prompts us to go EDGE--with two guys in mind. So with the 63rd pick of the draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Joe Tryon--edg
  12. I'll take Jets/Washington in addition to Chiefs
  13. Unfortunately there is likely a 2nd/3rd round WR coming as well 2022 with ARob gone will be his shot
  14. Why would he retire when he's about to play with the best QB of his career?
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