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  1. Which one would you prefer to have on team: 10 Team 5x5 Head to Head team. My current pitching staff: Scherzer, Strasburg, Paxton, Taillon, Gausman, Newcomb, Archer, Pivetta, Keuchel... A. Zimmermann ...I would drop Zimmermann to pick up Fried B. Fried Thanks in advance for your input
  2. Can I get some input?
  3. I think it could be a could move for you depending on when and where Kimbrel signs. Plus you get to pick up another player as well to (assuming SP) to help fill void. Not sure how your league is set up but if I was heading into fantasy playoff time at the end of the year I would want Kimbrel on my team. I think it is a forward thinking move.
  4. 10 team 5x5 Head to Head league I'm looking at replacing Chris Taylor and will need to pick up a either a 2B or an OF. If I pick up a 2B, I'll move Whit Merrifield to OF...below are my options, which one would you choose or would you keep Chris Taylor?: Adam Frazier - 2B, OF Cesar Hernandez - 2B Jonathan Schoop - 2B Lourdes Gurriel, Jr - 2B, SS Harris Bader - OF Odubel Herrera - OF Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. Ok...i took the chance and got him. Cost me $51...will be worth it if he signs somewhere and plays...I think it will be worth it.
  6. My pitching staff is heavy on SP and not RP. SP: Scherzer, Strasburg, Taillon, Archer, Paxton, Kuechel, Newcomb, Pivetta, Gausman (IL) RP: Alvarado, S. Dominguez
  7. no...i dislike veto votes...owners have their own reasons for accepting or declining offers. People who veto assume everyone thinks like they do but there are different strategies that need to be considered.
  8. the waiver will go thru at 11 am (eastern time).
  9. Kimbrel became available yesterday in our head to head keeper league. We have $350 to spend on FA's during the year. Should I try to pick up Kimbrel and if so, how much should I offer? Thanks in advance for your input.
  10. Interesting... Corbin, Paxton, Strasburg, Greinke
  11. I think I would go with Senzel
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