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  1. Thanks for that opportunity. Unfortunately, I will be at my son's high school baseball game.
  2. Sounds like I am in. Windy, please keep me in mind for any league that you actually participate in, as you seem like a cool guy.
  3. My brother is now saying he is interest in co-managing with me this year and maybe taking his own team next year. He has not played fantasy ball in about 5 years and doesn't want to be a donor this year. Can we co-manage a team, like CBS allows? I quit a competitive 5x5 H2H league after 17 years. It is the only league I ever played. I am interested in Roto. My previous format was no trade vetoes. I prefer less regulation. Are you the commish? Can you tell me how often trades are vetoed or an example or two of trades you have vetoed? Are there transaction fees
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