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  1. 10 team roto 5x5 league - Been offered Wander ($1) for Acuna ($46). Salaries in this league increased incrementally over time. Wander is super cheap this year and will be cheap for next 2-3 years. Hate to give up Acuna, but could spent that $45 to try and keep Trout at $59. Total budget for keepers and draft is $270. About 10-12% inflation in league over Yahoo auction prices due to players' keeper values. Could probably get him to sweeten deal with Lux ($1) or Kelenic ($1) or Pearson ($1) because he really wants Acuna. Thanks and WHIR.
  2. Forgot to mention, the draft budget is $140 to fill out roster..
  3. 10 Team 5x5. My keepers due in a few days (up to 10 keepers). I have a few different options to get to $130 keeper budget. Given the swallowness of a 10 teamer, I'm thinking of going more stars and scrubs this year. It's amazing what teams actually look like at the end of the year from the ones drafted. I always kick my self for not going big on the studs and then taking $1 players and FA shots. Option 1: Acuna $46; Bellinger $31; Darvish $20; Bichette $16; L Robert $15; K. Hayes $1; Thor or Karinchak $1 - Total $130 Option 2: Acuna $46; Jose Ramirez $35; Bellinger $3
  4. I'm in a keep 10 keeper league (Salary Cap) with $130 budget for the 10 players. Once you keep a player, the salary for the following years changes to the average of kept cost and the player's then going cost. In other words, if I kept Acuna this year at $46, I could keep him for $46 and the avg of his auction cost next year. So if he's going in 2022 auctions for $55 (for example), I can keep him next year for $50.5. The cost keeps going up (or down depending on performance). I've gotten various offers for Acuna. The most interesting being: Realmuto ($16), Burnes ($1) and Voit ($1
  5. Thought about doing this actually. Pitching is just so tough in this league to get in the draft. A lot of guys hoard pitchers as keepers.
  6. Thanks all! Really appreciate the insight. I'll keep Acuna.
  7. I'm in a keep 10 keeper league (Salary Cap). I have $1 left I keeper budget to fill from the below guys ($130 keeper budget). Once you keep a player, the salary for year 2 changes to 50% of the player's then going cost. In other words, if I kept Syndergaard for $1 this year, and he bounces back to form, I could keep him for 1/2 of his 2022 avg auction price. So if he's going in auctions for $36 (for example), I can keep him next year for $18. In year three, the keeper cost is the average of the year 2 cost and the current auction price. In other words, keepers' value diminish over time.
  8. Thanks for input! I guess I'm thinking Vlad final breaks out and Eloy puts up massive numbers in that offense. I see your point though in that Acuna is already a sure thing.
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