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  1. 10 team roto 5x5 league - Been offered Wander ($1) for Acuna ($46). Salaries in this league increased incrementally over time. Wander is super cheap this year and will be cheap for next 2-3 years. Hate to give up Acuna, but could spent that $45 to try and keep Trout at $59. Total budget for keepers and draft is $270. About 10-12% inflation in league over Yahoo auction prices due to players' keeper values. Could probably get him to sweeten deal with Lux ($1) or Kelenic ($1) or Pearson ($1) because he really wants Acuna. Thanks and WHIR.
  2. Forgot to mention, the draft budget is $140 to fill out roster..
  3. 10 Team 5x5. My keepers due in a few days (up to 10 keepers). I have a few different options to get to $130 keeper budget. Given the swallowness of a 10 teamer, I'm thinking of going more stars and scrubs this year. It's amazing what teams actually look like at the end of the year from the ones drafted. I always kick my self for not going big on the studs and then taking $1 players and FA shots. Option 1: Acuna $46; Bellinger $31; Darvish $20; Bichette $16; L Robert $15; K. Hayes $1; Thor or Karinchak $1 - Total $130 Option 2: Acuna $46; Jose Ramirez $35; Bellinger $3
  4. I'm in a keep 10 keeper league (Salary Cap) with $130 budget for the 10 players. Once you keep a player, the salary for the following years changes to the average of kept cost and the player's then going cost. In other words, if I kept Acuna this year at $46, I could keep him for $46 and the avg of his auction cost next year. So if he's going in 2022 auctions for $55 (for example), I can keep him next year for $50.5. The cost keeps going up (or down depending on performance). I've gotten various offers for Acuna. The most interesting being: Realmuto ($16), Burnes ($1) and Voit ($1
  5. Thought about doing this actually. Pitching is just so tough in this league to get in the draft. A lot of guys hoard pitchers as keepers.
  6. Thanks all! Really appreciate the insight. I'll keep Acuna.
  7. I'm in a keep 10 keeper league (Salary Cap). I have $1 left I keeper budget to fill from the below guys ($130 keeper budget). Once you keep a player, the salary for year 2 changes to 50% of the player's then going cost. In other words, if I kept Syndergaard for $1 this year, and he bounces back to form, I could keep him for 1/2 of his 2022 avg auction price. So if he's going in auctions for $36 (for example), I can keep him next year for $18. In year three, the keeper cost is the average of the year 2 cost and the current auction price. In other words, keepers' value diminish over time.
  8. Thanks for input! I guess I'm thinking Vlad final breaks out and Eloy puts up massive numbers in that offense. I see your point though in that Acuna is already a sure thing.
  9. Been offered interesting trade for Acuna in a keeper league. I'd give Acuna and get back Vlad Jr. and Eloy Jimenez. Obv a downgrade in the steal department, but I can probably get him to add Meadows. Def don't want to lose Acuna, but intrigued by selling high opportunity. Also, I could get Vlad or Eloy and Glasnow and Meadows as well. Thanks for any input. Curious if this is a good offer for Acuna.
  10. Thanks guys. I ended up going with the Trout side. Mookie is great but I see Trout as a lot safer over next several years. I hear what a lot of people were saying about Robles steals upside. Having Acuna/Robert/Trout I felt gave the team a nice base of steals to where I didn’t really need Robles. thanks again!
  11. I'm debating this same question right now. I need pitching so I'm leaning Glasnow. Really hard to pass on Lux though.
  12. Keeper league with prices increasing slowly year over year. Right now Hiura is $1 and Glasnow is $3. Pitching seems highly coveted this year more than usual. Really my other reason for even considering.
  13. Been offered Glasnow for Hiura. My backup 2B would then be Gavin Lux. Curious as to people’s thought on this in a vacuum.
  14. Thanks! That is what I'm thinking too. Just been holding Vlad Jr. for a while thinking he's be top 5 player at some point. Worried that he'll make me regret it. Essentially I'd be trading Vlad for Bichette to make this happen.
  15. Can keep 9 keepers under $120. Curious which squad you think is better for the money. I'm leaning Trout, but really interested in Vlad Jr. too. Option1: Hiura, Bichette, Trout, Acuna, Yordan, L. Robert, Lux, Wheeler, Luzardo (Total $118) Option 2: Hiura, Vlad Jr., Betts, Acuna, Yordon, L. Robert, Robles, Darvish, Luzardo (Total $119).
  16. Which four would you rather have: (1) Trout/Josh Bell/McMahon/Wheeler; (I'd be sending these players) (2) Betts/Vlad Jr./Robles/ Darvish. (I'd be receiving these players) 10 Team roto. I already have Acuna on the team so would be great to pair with Trout. Problem is that I really don't want to move Vlad.
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