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  1. He is going to get called up before Franco. Brujan is already on the TB 40 man roster and he is older than Franco.
  2. According to Yahoo Sports, Pearson is likely to start Sunday. If it is indeed true. This is big news! Nate Pearson is likely to start on Sunday against the Astros. Advice: Pearson is one of the top pitching prospects in the Toronto system -- and one of the best in baseball -- but got off to a late start to the year because of a groin injury. The right-hander struck out eight in 3 2/3 innings in his start for Triple-A Buffalo, and now will get to show off that swing-and-miss stuff at the highest level. There's some risk with Pearson, but there's an awful lot of reward that comes with
  3. LoL why is this even a question?? Bichette is a proven top 10 hitter in MLB. As great as Wander is, he needs to prove that he can do it in the MLB. And you giving up arguably the top 5 best SP in the league as well.
  4. This is wishful thinking. Time to trade TATIS JR now. He has a 90% of re-injury on his shoulder sub. Prediction he gets hurt by end of 2021 - 100%
  5. On his way to rookie of the year. Not afraid to say it. See you in September.
  6. Josh Rojas he is only 14% own in Yahoo. For guys that are struggling with 2B, such as owning Hiura, Lux and Happ or Dylan Moore this is a perfect guy to pick up.
  7. Yeah it doesn't look good at all. I think he is out for months and could be out for the season. Very unfortunate situation because he was having an outstanding year but of course he was always on an innings limit to begin with.
  8. I think he will get chances down the line. I've read an article where they are fixing his hitting mechanic. He is being too patient and not being aggressive enough so he is falling behind counts. His swinging first pitch strike is his lowest of his career.
  9. Yup definitely needs to be owned in all leagues. This kind of upside can win fantasy leagues. Favorite to win rookie of year in AL.
  10. His mother is battling a serious illness. I think it is clearly mental and it is affecting him. https://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/mlb/brewers/2021/04/25/keston-hiuras-thoughts-mother-janice-who-battling-form-lymphoma/7358030002/
  11. Am I missing something? Who is Andy Patton? Is he a beat writer for the SD team or is it just a mommy boy living in the basement? Let's be real here, everyone can claim that "I heard a reliable source" If he is a beat writer and knows inside knowledge then yes, I can trust his twitter. Like for example I can make a claim right now. "I've heard from a "reliable source" that Wander Franco will be up in 2021. From the reliable source, it could be June or maybe September"
  12. Sims strike out the side. Looks great. Is it possible they going back to Garrett again? Do the Reds ever learn?
  13. People are forgetting that Castillo was a top 10 pitcher coming into the season. Harper in a OBP league is a stud. Castillo will bounce back, I am confident. I am surprised that you didn't accept this trade yet.
  14. Yeah I'm going to pick him up. He could definitely win the AL Rookie of the Year award. Batting high in the order is definitely a good sign.
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