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  1. Facing too many Warriors this week. Their damn 5 game week might be the end of me, even if each one rests 1 game.
  2. You just have to draft and play the wire with tanking and resting in mind. Teams fighting to make the playoffs are going to play their hardest until the very end, while the best and worst teams will rest their stars/vets and give their rookies time to shine.
  3. Whether or not he's being shut down, he certainly won't be back and up to speed in time to make a difference this or even next week. If you don't have an IR spot, drop him and stream. 😕
  4. I'd drop Jones. Swapping McGee for RoLo later in the week wouldn't be a bad idea either IMO.
  5. Blocks are the only thing you can count on from Mitch. I'd take AD. He's still a per minutes beast and I don't think he's going to be resting this week.
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