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  1. I was thinking the same thing earlier today and wanted to pick him up. I can see a lot of targets with Tampa being good against the run and probably smothering Scarbrough. I'm just worried Blough cant move the team for opportunities to score. I do think Amendola could get around 10 targets. But I compared him to my other options, like Aj Brown, Odell, Kirk and Anthony Miller, and the only one I was thinking I would start Amendola (on a bad offense) over, was possibly Odell or Miller. I could see the Lions scoring maybe 1 TD and 2 FG's all game with Peyton Barber/Jones getting 30 touches to milk the clock.
  2. currently starting him over Kirk and AJ Brown
  3. I'm planning on starting him this week over both Goff and Garoppolo. Not ideal but Phili has been giving up points to QB's who have needed to throw. (Brady and Russ didn't need to score against them)
  4. I didn't get to watch the game, but does this guy look like the new lead RB for ground touches on an average team (without Stafford, maybe slightly below average?)? Planning on dropping Ty Johnson and keeping Scarbrough
  5. I could see him getting 5-10 touches. I'd like to think SF wins this one but I think ARZ is a little underrated and may be able to keep pace. If SF gets a huge lead, I can see them resting Coleman and relying on Mostert for most of the 4th quarter. . . Tempting flex play to decide on Sunday morning.
  6. Ya I'm happy. I, as well as most people, are wondering if I should have taken Chubb, Cook or Fournette - but overall pretty happy considering Big Ben going down and still having this type of production/scoring. Sounds like he should be OK for Sunday, but I'm actually kinda worried he does play, but splits more 50/50 w/ Samuels, making them both a little less desirable than if either had a 80%'ish workload.
  7. I'd like to try and understand the best case scenario as I don't fully understand the IR rules. Say he's healthy today, Gordon could be waived/released, which would remove the IR designation(?) rules on when he's able to return, and then another team could potentially pick him up and he would be able to play as soon as he's medically cleared/coach approves? So best case scenario sounds like - medically cleared - dropped - picked up off waivers - learns playbook/new team - plays. This could take maybe 2 weeks at best? What are your guys thoughts? Thinking about dropping for Bonafon or Armstead
  8. Highlights from college: Guy is fast. A lot of this footage is not against great teams. But he's a rookie, still learning and is definitely fast. I think the upside and volume (I know he likely wont get the same kind of volume as Kerryon - but there's still usable volume here) are worth a #1 ww pick.
  9. trying to decide if I should drop Burkhead for him right now
  10. Even if Brady only throws 20 times because of the weather (I would think this would be on the low/conservative side) I still think Gordon gets around 5 targets? 3 catches for 40 yards as a "low". realistic upside could be 10 targets (who else is there? Edelmen and white?) 100 yards and a TD. I'm starting
  11. Chargers should control this game. . . if Rivers throws 30 times, maybe 10 to Allen, 5-10 to Ekeler, and then 10 to Inman and whoever else is on the roster. I think Inman is a sneaky play and could get a lot of looks if the dolphins secondary just tries to focus on Allen. Inman is kinda the only other guy. If the charger score 4+ touchdowns today (realistic I think) then I would predict at least 1 to Ekeler and 1 to Allen, then the other 2 to either Ekeler/Allen again or Inman. I can see Inman going for 80 yards and a touchdown on 5 catches.
  12. Did some research, thought I would share. Here's his highlights from Clemson: 6 foot 216 pounds Guy looks legit on the highlight reel. Was on the same team as Deshaun Watson when they lost to Bama in the 2016 championship. He didn't have a great game in the championship where they scored 40 points, but not too bad: 14rushes 45yrds 3.2avg 1TD 3rec 61yrds 20.3avg 0tds 39long College: Year School Conf Class Pos G Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD Career Clemson 675 3416 5.1 34 66 486 7.4 2 741 3902 5.3 36 *2014 Clemson ACC FR RB 13 161 769 4.8 4 24 108 4.5 1 185 877 4.7 5 *2015 Clemson ACC SO RB 14 282 1514 5.4 13 22 226 10.3 1 304 1740 5.7 14 *2016 Clemson ACC JR RB 15 232 1133 4.9 17 20 152 7.6 0 252 1285 5.1 17 NFL: ATT YDS AVG TD LNG REC YDS AVG TD LNG FUM LST 169 682 4.0 2 24 51 306 6.0 1 21 5 2 Pros/upside/optimistic: 15-20 touches per game with the goal line work on a team that may be average on offense. In a 14 team league where the RB status on free agency is: Chase Edmunds and Dare Ogunbuwale - I think I have to use my #1 waiver on him. I already have Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis, Gio bernard, Malcom Brown, Ito Smith and Darrell Williams on my bench (behind James Conner and Austin Ekeler). So if they are owned, Gallman should be worth a #1 waiver pickup, right? Who am I waiting for to get hurt and use my waiver on? David Johnson to get hurt to pickup Chase Edmunds? Would he Edmunds be better than Gallman? Maybe someone more of a long term injury for a "rest of season" add (like Dare or Chase I guess?) Cons/downside/pessimistic: 5-10 touches per game after a signing of CJ Anderson/someone else on a bad team that's playing from behind often. Giants schedule isn't great after Washington this week. Minn and NE are the next two. Arizona Detroit Dallas aren't horrible matchups but not amazing after those 2. Then the Jets and a bye before Saquan is back. He hasn't wowed anyone in the NFL, In half point PPR he might not even start for my team for the period that Saquan is even out, meaning a #1 waiver pick would be used on nothing. Should wait to use #1 waiver on a player who you will play after Austin Ekeler may lose touches to Gordon/ wait for someone who will play in the championship.
  13. 3 games in Baltimore and then New York [....] I'm happy with the potential.
  14. I picked him up to replace Sanchez. I'm happy with him, even if he sits a couple days, i feel like he wont hurt my BA and has solid power potential.
  15. looks like it unfortunately. I expect him to pitch Tuesday (Severino starting) or Wednesday (CC starting) as a bulk reliever. It was a great run as a SP. . .just an innings issue which German is frustrated with himself.
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