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  1. Twins GM is really high on this guy and pretty much guaranteed he'd be up this summer, this was right before the season started
  2. kinda straying away from the normal flow of conversation here, but I think this is relevant enough to the subject (if its in the wrong section please let me know I wasn't sure where I'd be able to post something like this) A friend of mine made a spreadsheet to calculate the production of players in both MLB and MiLB using relevant stats for pitchers/batters to calculate how productive one is at the plate or on the mound. It incorporates just production and no advanced analytics involved. It operates off the basis of the best players in baseball will have a game production score of 1 each game summing up 162 in a 162 game season. Guys who are exceptional are near 162. The minor leagues are all sorted based on the same production metric applied to them so you can just see who is hitting well and who is pitching well. The sheet updates daily to show who is doing what, so I figured this may be of use to this forum. Production Spreadsheet (download to sort and filter) Hope this helps and doesn't go against any rules!!
  3. Fleaflicker league - 24 teams, 25 keepers, weekly lineups. This league is free to join, we just want people who check their team frequently to keep it competitive. https://www.fleaflicker.com/mlb/leagues/14962/invited?eh=740211a7
  4. shea spitzbarth ROY candidate
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