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  1. yea unfortunately. I should have known better than to start him against the brewers at their home park, they pretty much destroy pitching there almost every game. go cards!
  2. Man yelich why you have to do this to the cardinals lol your fantasy owners are happy im sure tonight
  3. Ron kulpa is a trash ump in my opionion. Idk even know if i spelled his name right but idc lol mlb cant fine me for talking bad about umpires
  4. The reds defense is keeping them in this game a few nice plays to save would be runs
  5. Come on dr dooolittle stop falling behind these hitters and walking them please and thankyou K'd kang 2 outs Idk no why i was worrried dr doo did fine
  6. Papa slam altuve guess im getting fatter tm with some discounted papa johns
  7. back to back hr for the sox. putting tarp on field, game might be called
  8. tampa bay is lighting this guy up.. another homer 2 run bomb by lowe
  9. yea honestly I cant blame you on that, I would probably feel the same way if I were in your shoes.
  10. I feel bad for pirates fans, such a great baseball city with crap for management who doesn't care about winning. at least in my opinion
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