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  1. Lowe might iron out... I wouldn't give up hope. I'd move off Laureano or Meadows.
  2. Soler I don't see any long term value, Gennett is also on and off. deGrom might be a good snag, I would also look at some young prospect who are flying under the radar.... Bo might be a decent stash if his numbers are consistent. But if you're in second place... you must be doing SOMETHING right? I wouldn't mix up too much.
  3. 12 Team - Yahoo 10 Cat Fantasy Draft Alex Young and Yu Darvish are on waivers right now... both currently looking pretty strong... who you snagging between the two? WHIR 100%
  4. Not sure if this is exactly the right spot for this.... (forgive me if it isn't, question is a little disjointed) I'm currently stashing Kimbrel hoping he pays out huge once signed *knocks on wood*... Keuchel is also available on waivers... may drop a mit for the double down. My question: Would you take both? Would you take one over the other? When should I burn the waiver on Keuchel, this week? Early next? Just wondering if others are making this play and if it's the right one... * Also - Random thought, are the other players noteworthy enough to k
  5. Thanks for the input guys! My pitching has been really rough all season... so I appreciate the feedback! I think I have all the pieces but these guys keep blowing me out of the water.
  6. Calhoun is hitting right now but his AVG is kind of meh.... I think I'd take him until the hot streak dies down. Renfro is also someone who I would snag.
  7. I echo the above sentiments, really like Vazquez.
  8. Minter got sent down and Leclerc is one step forward eight steps back at the moment... I'm currently stashing Kimbrel and have Shawn Kelley coming off a DL in the next few days. Between Leclerc and Minter, who do you have the most faith in for a bounce back? Minter being sent down sucks, but he has the most SV's on my team and Leclerc has had some glimmer of hope but just implodes... or would you drop both and pursue other options? Let me know what you would do! Will help in return
  9. 12 Team Fantasy W K SV WHIP ERA Looking to snag one of each off the waiver... WWYD?! SP Skaggs, Odorizzi, Eickoff RP Walden, Beeks, Shaw 100% WHIR
  10. My pitching has been very rocky, hence the Hendricks move being such a tough nut to crack. Carrasco Corbin Hendricks McHugh Leclerc Minter Woodruff Brebbia Kimbrel (n/a) Everyones been going through a rough patch so with Hendricks providing the least amount of improvement it seems like the most logistical step is to cut and run.
  11. Sorry, I should have specified - Danny.
  12. Side note: I could take the gamble with Chavis and shift some things around... but I'd prefer an OF player.
  13. Looking to pick up one for 15 team 10 cat yahoo fantasy league, cats are R/RBI/HR/S/AVG Dropping one of my outfielders and picking up one of these two off waivers as they're both available, both also play 5 games starting tomorrow.... What do you guys think? (judge is on my DL, so I'm *attempting* to replace him lol) WHIR 100% - Thanks in advance!
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