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  1. Click the link for all other info! http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=37027787
  2. We moved the draft to Sunday if still interested.
  3. I'll just post this but it's not what you asked for. I have a new roto league drafting today. Snake, ESPN, keep 25 players, $25 buy-in that will go up each season.
  4. DRAFTING today @ 1600 EST time! Need a few more members! ESPN, 5x5 Roto OBP and SV+HD, 10 team, 30 roster spots, 25 keepers after this season, $25 buy-in and will up each year. Winnings go as such: 1st=60% 2nd=30% 3rd=10%
  5. ESPN site and the draft will be this Saturday!
  6. Right now it is auction style and plan is to draft next weekend. I would rather the league decide if we prefer auction or snake.
  7. NEW dynasty league. Need a few more members. Roto, 5v5, OBP, SV+HD, 2 catchers BUT we might change that, $25 buy-in and winnings go as such: 60% to 1st, 30% to 2nd, 10% to 3rd. As the years go by the buy-in will go up. This is a competitive league. Let's do this! Who's ready?!
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