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  1. Call me crazy but I’m starting him over Lockett.
  2. BOLD PREDICTION: sportsfreak2744 posts at least 2 more times in this thread
  3. I read somewhere that the colts have a good defense
  4. https://www.livekindly.com/patriots-rob-gronkowski-tom-brady-vegan-meals/ so anyway anyone seen a good projection for samuels targets this year?
  5. Murphy has been terrible and McMahon doing well is this an easy decision using McMahon each week at 1B? I also have Miguel Cabrera.
  6. Yea joking about the preseason stats especially given it’s only week two of them. I’m thinking his beautiful hair is reason enough to take a shot.
  7. Leading the Packers in yardage in the preseason. Obvious sleeper potential starting from the end of last year. I hear Rogers has a hard on for him. Anyone excited about the potential here?
  8. I currently have these three WR in a deep dynasty setup. Love them all but still waiting for preseason to answer some questions. Jake Kumerow Justin Watson Deon Cain
  9. The hell are you talking about? Yea I must be new didn't see the sign where you can't ask for more information in a response. Ill go with Woods.
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