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  1. He pitches the 8th inning so whenever the Mets need him there next is when he’ll pitch again
  2. If it’s daily waivers (no fa pickups just waivers) I’d put up ~40%. If it’s not daily waivers and you have fa pickups I’d bid at least 70%. 100% would be justifiable since I doubt a top 40 player appears on waivers again.
  3. Slow starter plus hasn’t pitched in two years. Not surprised he’s struggled so far. I’m holding in deeper leagues but if a better option is available in shallow leagues I wouldn’t hesitate to drop.
  4. Return the wife and keep the shelf. Two problems solved. Unfortunately that still won't do anything about the Laureano homer.
  5. No reason to send Montas out for the 7th with 90 pitches smh
  6. Diaz still sucks. I'd take Mota or Looper over him easily
  7. DeGOAT 8 innings 1 run 5 hits 0 walks 14 k’s and going to end up with a loss. Smh same old pathetic Mets
  8. Go DeGOAT, Kikuchi, Montas, Matz, Anderson
  9. Loasiga looks good and has SP eligibility in yahoo.
  10. 5 IP 1 ER 7 Ks 1.00 whip home vs Dodgers 6 2/3 IP 1 ER 5 Ks 0.90 whip home vs Arizona Two good starts at home one being against the best team in baseball to start the year. Had good years in 2017 and 2019. Anything to see here?
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