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  1. In a vacuum is take Alvarez. But looking at your roster I’d take flaherty. You need pitching, Flaherty instantly becomes your #2 SP. You have the hitting depth to offset the loss of Alvarez. Flaherty and Alvarez are close enough that in a 16 team lead this is a pretty fair trade and one you should do.
  2. Ynoa side wins. Biggio isn’t good
  3. Another nice game last night. 7 innings 7 k’s and a win. Up to 4 wins 3 QS 1.80 ERA 0.83 WHIP and 29 k’s in 30 innings.
  4. Degrom left with the trainer after throwing two warm up pitches. Great
  5. I'd go for Grichuk. Better lineup and he was doing this last year so slightly longer sample size than Garcia
  6. DeGrom is now 7/14. Best two way player in the league
  7. Happy CyGrom Day Remember to sit all your Mets since they won't be hitting today
  8. Charlie Morton might be a buy low. He has a 3.77 SIERA and 3.60 XFIP vs 4.98 ERA. His SIERA and XFIP are close to what he had in Houston and Tampa when he pitched well. He's not getting hit hard (23.4% of his Houston/Tampa/Atlanta years)and hes getting groundballs at a 50% rate. 19.2% HR/FB and 58/1% strand rate should normalize to his career norms.
  9. Gallo with 2 dongs tonight 4th in his last 6 games. Starting to heat up
  10. Easy accept. Brantley isn’t a starter for you when everyone is healthy and Castillo has SP1 upside
  11. I wouldn’t. You could stream SS and get Didi’s production and Strasburg has been a mess. Chapman is the best closer in the game and Wander’s ceiling is league winning. If you want starting pitching I’d try to hold off until Kelenic is up then trade him or another OF.
  12. Hopefully they move him back to 3B permanently since the SS experiment has been a disaster on all fronts. Suarez can’t field or hit and India has been awful minus the first week. The downgrade offensively from India to Farmer is pretty negligible and the Reds would be smart to try to make Suarez comfortable so he can start hitting again.
  13. i stream Miley against Cleveland he gives up 6 runs in 4 innings. My opponent streams Miley against Cleveland he throws a no hitter.
  14. Agreed. They stole him off my favorite team and now they’re robbing my fantasy teams.
  15. Anyone know anything about Caleb Thielbar from Minnesota? The good - 21 k 2 bb in 11 innings, 17.8 k/9, 42.9% k% 4.1% bb%, 1.47 siera 1.60 xfip The bad - 14 hits 3 homeruns in 11 innings, 50% hard contact rate 7.7% soft contact rate 23.1% barrel % From what I can tell by reading the stats he’s throwing his slider more which is causing the strikeouts to rise. But when hitters make contact it’s hard leading to lots of hits and home runs. I’m intrigued by the gaudy k and bb numbers but that hard hit % scares me
  16. I’d take the Freeman deal and then try to package two OFers like Walsh/Haniger for a pitcher. If you don’t feel comfortable trying that I’d just do Brantley for Gallen
  17. And now fat boy Alvarado gives up a hit, 2 walks, and walks in the go ahead run before getting yanked after 3 batters. You love to see it. Sit down loser
  18. Villar goes from first to home on a single. You love to see it.
  19. Mets have scored more runs in the first inning than they have all week
  20. Hoskins STFU you crybaby. Alvarado was throwing at heads and your little mouth was quiet but when Castro comes a little inside you start mouthing off. F’ing loser
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