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  1. In keeper/dynasty leagues I’d hold or buy low with confidence. In redraft I’m selling for whatever I can get. Long term I believe in him but I think he ends up being a massive bust this season
  2. Cohen is 100% correct. You don’t negotiate a contract in the middle of the season. Before deGrom signed his most recent extension he even said he didn’t want to negotiate in season and if they couldn’t get it done before the season started he was going to wait until after the season ended. Back on topic he made it through this start in one piece and even made a case for a gold glove. Probably won’t win it because he strikes too many people out. Has anyone ever won the mvp, Cy, silver slugger, and gold glove in one year?
  3. He threw 135 two years ago so my guess would be 135-150 to keep it similar to his last full season. Up to 33 pitched so far this year so that would give us 100-115 ROS.
  4. ROS - top 25 pitcher. If you read my posts at the beginning of the thread or the preseason prediction threads you’ll see I’m very high on Gilbert and had him winning rookie of the year. Legit 4 pitch mix and is starting to use all 4 effectively. As for this weekend I’m starting him pretty much every week going forward no questions asked.
  5. Curtis Terry 1B Texas Rangers (AAA) 2019 hit .293 between A and A+ 25 homeruns 84 rbis. This year at AAA he’s hitting .306 10 homeruns 29 rbis. 24 years old and the #26 prospect in the rangers organization. Nate Lowe hasn’t been great and they don’t really have a DH, where Terry fits best anyways. Could see him getting a shot soon.
  6. DeGrom feels discomfort in his elbow Mets "Let's pitch him what could go wrong?" DeGrom leaves after 3 innings Mets "LOL he's fine he can make his next start" I hate this team
  7. Out of the game after 3. Such a shame that the goat pitching season is going to be derailed by injuries
  8. Grabbed him but saw on a Reddit post that 7 of his 9 minor league home runs this year came against the Baltimore AAA team which has a 5.xx era. Since that ~.530 tear he had he’s hit ~.235 with 2 home runs. Grabbed him in multiple leagues but I’m not going to hesitate to drop if he struggles right away and a better option presents itself.
  9. Well one clown writer "felt like" Piazza took steroids despite zero evidence and ran a campaign to keep him out of the Hall. I don't think someone's irrational feelings should determine if someone should get in or not. It's a crime that the GOAT offensive catcher wasn't a first ballot because of that idiot.
  10. The only two ways you shouldn't be allowed into the hall due to PEDs are (1) failed test or (2) admitted to using it. Claiming a guy took PEDs without either of those is just speculation and that shouldn't count. You want to deny Bonds a spot for a failed test due to amphetamines then sure that's valid. You want to deny him a spot due to your belief, not fact, that he took gear then no that's BS imo. Yes there's tons of circumstantial evidence he used gear but he never failed a test or admitted to it so you can't say with 100% certainty that he used gear.
  11. Blue Jays score 18 runs. Time to check what Grichuk, the #5 hitter got. 1/5 0 runs 0 rbis. You couldn’t accidentally score a run or drive one in when your team scores 18? Really?
  12. Another solid outing 6 2/3 innings 1 run 4 hits 1 walk 6 k's 90 pitches. Last 4 starts 21 2/3 innings 2.49 era 0.97 whip (15 hits 6 walks) 22 k's. I'm liking what I'm seeing.
  13. I remember when they said Bieber was better than Cole
  14. Javier if I wanted a lotto ticket SP for later in the year. Otherwise no
  15. Ohtani is hitting Freeman isn’t. Freeman will get going eventually but there’s nothing in Ohtani’s underlying numbers that suggest he’ll slow down. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here but I’d be leaning Ohtani because he’s hitting now
  16. Another reason why he is a kind and merciful king. He will be jumping over defenders instead of stiff arming them into the shadow realm.
  17. Grabbed him in deeper leagues, just watching in shallow for now. Got to think if he keeps hitting he stays in the lineup since the entire lineup is struggling. Kid raked his rookie year with full time at bats
  18. 1 2/3 against the Pirates. Not good
  19. Redraft 20 team league no NA spots. Holding both but with Kelenic getting sent down I don’t want to waste two spots on NA guys. Who’s the better hold for this year?
  20. Morton pitched well in Houston before going to Tampa. Glasnow had his mechanics and sequencing changed. Pittsburgh can’t develop pitchers so the Rays had to fix him. He’s always had talent to be a stud. With Glasnow I’d be more worried about his elbow blowing out than him using sticky stuff (which I don’t believe he’s using but I guess we’ll find out tonight)
  21. Go Glasnow Bieber Lopez Lamet Wood
  22. Really Gilbert? You just had to give up a homer on your first pitch of the day
  23. Reds don't know how to run the bases. Pathetic
  24. Out of the lineup again. Should’ve just put him the the IL on Monday if you’re just gonna bench him all week.
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