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  1. He did that on like 22 pitches too. Very efficient
  2. And? He wasn’t expected to contribute at all in stolen bases and nothing more than 15-20 homers a year. He’s a .300 hitter that’s going to drive in a lot of runs from the 5 hole and score a lot if he moves back up to the two spot.
  3. Rays defense screwing over Glasnow this inning
  4. He shouldn’t cost much to get if you want to take a flyer. Don’t see anything to like in his underlying numbers though. Pass for me.
  5. Keep Alonso but if possible keep both and throw in some mt
  6. Gonsolin will be back in a week or two. I’d take him. The others are further away
  7. Pickup Longoria on Sunday on 3/5 teams, gets hurt Monday. Mondesi comes back for 5 games and gets hurt again. Flaherty finally remembers how to strike out batters and gets hurt. Speaking of Flaherty both he and Gilbert leave with the lead and the bullpen blows it. And to top it all off I couldn’t activate Alonso because I locked myself out of my house without my phone and by the time I climbed up to the attic and crawled through to the garage and got the door open it was too late. But my opponent in one league had him and of course he goes off for 4 rbis. Now he’ll probably go 0/4 the rest of
  8. DeGrom taken out after 70 pitches and May immediately gives up runs. Gilbert taken out after 80 pitches and the bullpen blows the win. Flaherty's side hurts (seriously?) and the bullpen blows the lead. Just not my night
  9. Watched the whole start. Didn't get to see his first three since they started late (east coast here). His fastball caught too much plate at times and was punished as expected. The times he located it near the edges of the zone he got swings and misses. Touched 96-97 a few times. Breaking pitches were filthy. Didn't throw the changeup too much which is disappointing since that's a plus pitch supposedly. He got screwed in the 3rd inning. 2 outs 2-2 pitch he threw a slider that caught the bottom of the zone but the ump missed it. Ended up walking the batter and gave up his first run late
  10. Lamet is an easy drop for Valdez. Probably drop Rosario and Santana for O’Neill and Brubaker.
  11. Trout AND Bieber for Winker, Rogers, and one of Alonso/Donaldson? I just don’t see how you don’t take the Trout/Bieber side. This is the perfect buy low sell high trade.
  12. That and the fact Miami doesn’t want him pitching a third time through the lineup makes me think he’s a pass in shallower leagues this year. More of a long term play imo
  13. The Blue Jays are trying to win now. They will play their best players. As long as he pitches well he’s here to stay
  14. Price retires the first 8 in a row and the reliever comes in and walks the pitcher and Slater lol. Hope Yaz hits a 3 run bomb just to spite Roberts
  15. Manoah throws a beautiful slider on the outside corner to Judge, ump calls it a ball. German throws a fastball 3 inches off the plate near the same spot, ump calls it for strike 3. Good job, blue!
  16. Rather have vlad unless I was in last place and needed help everywhere.
  17. Soto easily for me. He’s a top 3 dynasty/keeper asset.
  18. Everyday I regret passing on Garcia because I thought he was Aquino 2.0.
  19. I’d take 1 or 2. Prefer 1 because I’m not a fan of Nola. Would not consider the other offers.
  20. Mcclanahan or Kluber can be dropped
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