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  1. Another solid outing 6 2/3 innings 1 run 4 hits 1 walk 6 k's 90 pitches. Last 4 starts 21 2/3 innings 2.49 era 0.97 whip (15 hits 6 walks) 22 k's. I'm liking what I'm seeing.
  2. I remember when they said Bieber was better than Cole
  3. Javier if I wanted a lotto ticket SP for later in the year. Otherwise no
  4. Ohtani is hitting Freeman isn’t. Freeman will get going eventually but there’s nothing in Ohtani’s underlying numbers that suggest he’ll slow down. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here but I’d be leaning Ohtani because he’s hitting now
  5. Another reason why he is a kind and merciful king. He will be jumping over defenders instead of stiff arming them into the shadow realm.
  6. Grabbed him in deeper leagues, just watching in shallow for now. Got to think if he keeps hitting he stays in the lineup since the entire lineup is struggling. Kid raked his rookie year with full time at bats
  7. 1 2/3 against the Pirates. Not good
  8. Redraft 20 team league no NA spots. Holding both but with Kelenic getting sent down I don’t want to waste two spots on NA guys. Who’s the better hold for this year?
  9. Morton pitched well in Houston before going to Tampa. Glasnow had his mechanics and sequencing changed. Pittsburgh can’t develop pitchers so the Rays had to fix him. He’s always had talent to be a stud. With Glasnow I’d be more worried about his elbow blowing out than him using sticky stuff (which I don’t believe he’s using but I guess we’ll find out tonight)
  10. Go Glasnow Bieber Lopez Lamet Wood
  11. Really Gilbert? You just had to give up a homer on your first pitch of the day
  12. Reds don't know how to run the bases. Pathetic
  13. Out of the lineup again. Should’ve just put him the the IL on Monday if you’re just gonna bench him all week.
  14. Don’t see him in yahoo unless I’m blind
  15. Poteet is trash. 2 runs given up against Pittsburgh already. Bum
  16. He did that on like 22 pitches too. Very efficient
  17. And? He wasn’t expected to contribute at all in stolen bases and nothing more than 15-20 homers a year. He’s a .300 hitter that’s going to drive in a lot of runs from the 5 hole and score a lot if he moves back up to the two spot.
  18. Rays defense screwing over Glasnow this inning
  19. He shouldn’t cost much to get if you want to take a flyer. Don’t see anything to like in his underlying numbers though. Pass for me.
  20. Keep Alonso but if possible keep both and throw in some mt
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