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  1. I’d take 1 or 2. Prefer 1 because I’m not a fan of Nola. Would not consider the other offers.
  2. Mcclanahan or Kluber can be dropped
  3. Since Brujan and Duran are taken I’d go Adell, Sanchez, Casas, and Ramos
  4. Pretty safe bet to finish top 40 overall if he stays healthy. Bad last month and current injury might drive his price down although smart owners won’t sell low. Worth a shot to see if you can get him at a cheaper than normal price.
  5. Similar to what Matt Carpenter did 3 or 4 years ago when he had that insane 2nd half, right? Not saying the results are gonna be the same but he’s definitely worth picking up just for that potential imo.
  6. Right now (1) Cole (2) Rodon (3) Means (4) Glasnow (5) Bieber Rodon’s strand rate, babip, and hr/fb rate aren’t sustainable and I doubt he pitches anywhere near the innings Cole and Bieber will pitch. Means strand rate and hr/fb aren’t sustainable either and he won’t get the strikeouts to match Cole or Bieber. He’d need to sustain a sub 2 era to beat both imo. Glasnow could win it but can he stay healthy? He’s at 62 innings right now which would tie him for 2nd most innings pitched in a season. He pitched 111 once and 62 (so far) twice. Safe bet is it goes (1) Cole (2) Bieber (3) Me
  7. Two relievers but no deGrom or Burnes? Wow
  8. in 18 appearances he's given up runs 3 times. I'd say he's pretty safe. Not sure why the other poster is speculating on his backup, might as well see who's next in line for Chapman or Hendriks too.
  9. There were people on this site who thought Bieber was better than Cole. Terrible take 3 weeks ago and even worse now
  10. Love it when my opponent has all the hot players. Torres, Winker, Laureano, and Arozarena all decide to go off this week. And this loser who’s made 4 moves all year also decides to pick up Brandon Crawford for the week. Unreal
  11. Cmon Flaherty you’re facing a AAAA team try to look like an SP1 for one start
  12. 2001 Estes threw behind Estes in Clemen’s first regular season start at Shea since he intentionally hit Piazza in the head. Later he redeemed himself with this gem
  13. Mets also have Baty at 3B. I’ve seen the talks of Mauricio ending up at 3rd but I think they might try him at second if they really like Baty.
  14. Lowrie up with the bases loaded twice and can't even get one rbi.
  15. I feel you. Started a draft with Soto, Freeman, Mondesi, Bogaerts, Jimenez, Suarez, Lynn, and Conforto. Only 2 of my first 8 picks have done anything
  16. Probably. He's raked at every level in the minors and in the MLB so far. Makes sense that his slump followed an injury to his wrist.
  17. Not sure why the Royals called up Lynch. Clearly not ready. Can’t even handle a AAAA lineup.
  18. Grabbed Brujan and the only mt I have left is Cole. Drop him for Duran?
  19. #1 in fantasy. Even though I love my boy he’s not a guarantee to show up every 5th day like Cole.
  20. I'm comparing him to when deGrom first came up not deGrom now. DeGrom now just throws a 101 mph fastball right by you and occasionally a slider when he gets bored of throwing the fastball. DeGrom when he first came up relied on elite control and mixing up his pitches, which is what Gilbert does. IDK if Gilbert will have the same career trajectory but as far as this year is concerned I think he's going to be impactful in all league sizes.
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