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  1. i'd say no because you have two catchers and you're not playing grandal over cruz at util. maybe replace eloy with grandal in the trade and snell with nola, marquez, or paxton?
  2. Voit 2/0/1, Suarez 2/0/1 .200, Polanco 3/1/1 .214, Acuna 4/2/3 .192, JDM 4/0/3 .207, Moose 3/1/3 Love it when 6/9 guys all go cold during the same week
  3. plesac gets out of the first with only a run. hopefully he settles down
  4. Looking for a SP, just traded Buehler and a day after that lost Montas. The team with the most SP needs OF help and I have some good OF I could trade. My OF - Acuna (LF/CF), Gallo (LF/CF/RF), JD (LF/RF), Kepler (CF/RF), Mercado (LF/CF/RF), Desmond (LF/CF) My SP - Strasburg, Clevinger, Thor, Minor, Odorizzi, Canning, S Gray, Plesac, Luzardo, Montas (dropping for McKay when he becomes available have #1 waiver) His SP - Verlander, Ryu, Giolito, Berrios, Morton, Boyd, Stroman, Paxton, Soroka, Yamamoto His OF - Rosario (LF), Conforto (Lf/CF/RF), Soler (RF), Bruce (RF), Davis (L
  5. I'd keep Canning over those guys but Folty is droppable. No one here really stands out I'd probably go Pineda or Yamamoto
  6. How many teams? I wouldn't use a waiver in 12 or less but 14 or more and I'd probably use it. I prefer Canning to Gibson, more ks better whip.
  7. Pick up Wheeler and do a 2 for 1 to upgrade a weak area to create room for Luzardo if you really want him
  8. My Buehler for Sanchez. Haven’t had a catcher all year. Made this trade Thursday and it goes through on Sunday so I got his last start. Kinda regretting it now because Montas got suspended after I accepted but my lineup when healthy now is ridiculous SPs at the time - Buehler, Strasburg, Clevinger, Montas, Minor, Odorizzi, Syndergaard, Canning, Plesac, S Gray, Luzardo Lineup when healthy post trade C - Sanchez, 1B - Voit, 2B - Gennett, 3B - Moustakas, SS - Story, IF - Polanco, LF - Acuna, CF - Gallo, RF - JD, OF - Kepler, bench - Mercado, Suarez
  9. Davis. Been terrible and the Rockies haven’t had many save opportunities all year. If you need saves you can get a guy like bummer later when teams trade their closers to contenders
  10. Has anyone watched his at bats this past month? He’s been awful and unplayable. .149 avg 4/1/3 21 k 5 bb in June. At least in March/April when he batted .230 he still put up 11/7/16 and walked 13 times. Did getting hit on the hand at the end of May really affect him this much?
  11. 1st positive - half season 2nd positive - full season 3rd positive - lifetime ban, need commissioner to let you back in (Jenrry Mejia)
  12. I would think he'd need at least 3 AAA starts so right after the ASB would be my guess at the earliest callup
  13. Me on left him on right W (1-1) CG (0-0) S (3-0) K (30-12) HR (3-2) QS (2-1) ERA (3.67-5.00) WHIP (1.00-1.50) 5-1-2 right now in my favor. I'm struggling on offense so I want to maximize my pitching wins this week I have 27.0 innings he has 18.0 innings. He has Paddack vs Pitt tomorrow left for starts. He has Neris and Romo as RPs. My RPs are Chapman Yates and Davis. Only have the first two starting Davis is on the bench. I have 5 starts left. They are Buehler vs Col, S Gray at Mil, Canning at STL, Strasburg vs ATL, and Plesac vs Det. The first four are tonight and I currently onl
  14. they've played 76 games and it's an 80 game suspension so he's done in redraft leagues i'm guessing a placeholder for luzardo since he makes his first AAA start tomorrow after making two A appearances
  15. Yes, age difference and by far the best bat in the shallowest position
  16. One of Barnes Senzel Jimenez
  17. Judge bumgarner is the better side
  18. Bruce and soler are basically the same player. Go with whoever you like better
  19. I’d probably hold without knowing your keepers.
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