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  1. Yes easy accept. Tbh I’d prob take Marte for meadows straight up. Muncy for Garcia is a steal edit - assuming this is redraft not keeper
  2. #6 overall in my league over the last month 25/10/27 .337 1.198 ❤️
  3. Given how ryus pitched so far its fair.
  4. Can’t see team but maybe try to buy low on Suarez? I know he’s been awful for a month but I’m convinced when gennett comes back in 2ish weeks the whole reds offense will get going.
  5. Yes Grandal has been just as good so far but Sanchez will end up the clear number 1 at the end of the year imo Grandal avg/slg/woba - .273/.537/.386 Grandal xba/xslg/xwoba - .249/.483/.366 Sanchez avg/slg/woba - .267/.616/.387 Sanchez xba/xslg/xwoba - .276/.663/.422 Sanchez’s xwoba is 10th and xslg is 5th in the league iirc. Grandal’s xwoba is somewhere around 50-70. Sanchez is also hitting the ball harder (higher barrel %, higher exit velo, higher hard hit %) and is in a better lineup than grandal and realmuto. If all three are being offered to me at a similar price f
  6. Sanchez better lineup better park shallow position
  7. It would be nice if pitchers stopped hitting Moustakas on the hand. It’s only happened like 572957 times this year.
  8. Soroka, had too many IL and I thought Luzardo (1 NA spot) would be back by Memorial Day per the reports around the time I made my decision. Also dropped Hill after his 3rd start and he’s been lights out since
  9. His fip is slightly higher than last year but his siera and xfip are lower. His strikeout and walk rates are better this year. He’s giving up less hard contact (both fangraphs and statcast) lees barrels. XBA XSLG and XWOBA are all better than last year. I don’t get it even if there was to be some regression this year he should still be elite.
  10. Drop Eaton for one of them (gallen Allen) for sure idk if you need both.
  11. If you need help now Pineda. If you’re just stashing for a wild card Gallen
  12. I wouldn’t take any of those offers for Alonso. Flaherty has been a bust, plesac Gibson and Valdez are ok but not enough to downgrade from Alonso to Olson.
  13. 8 straight starts of at least 5 innings and 3 earned runs or less. His whip is 1.00 during this stretch (47 hits + walks in 46 2/3). Best offense and great defense behind him, weak division, I’m intrigued
  14. I’d be looking for a berrios Morton Marquez type pitcher if I was trading albies. You could try to buy low on snell but since it’s a keeper league it might be harder to buy low if he’s got an affordable salary
  15. It’s bad timing for you to offer Peralta, he’s been slumping for a month. I’d offer Riley instead and you could easily afford to lose him with acuna trout meadows and gallo if you want to take a chance on a potential top 5 SP
  16. I’d try a 2 for 1 for an OF first. If you’ve already tried that and I didn’t work then I’d go with this.
  17. Categories - W CG S HR K QS ERA WHIP Who would you rather have ROS Strasburg or Buehler? I have both and am trading one. My SPs - Strasburg, Buehler, Clevinger, Montas, Minor, Odorizzi, Canning, S Gray, Plesac, Thor, Luzardo
  18. Are you playing for this season or giving up? If playing for the future I’d take this if not I’d shop around like the other two posters said
  19. I’d try some 2 for 1 trades first (like Kingery and Soroka for Cole) stuff like that and then adding a bat with the open spot. If you had to drop I guess Plesac or pivetta
  20. Flash-forward 13 days - Mets announce he really had an arm injury on topic this this might be wishful thinking but I hope if he really only misses one start the 10 day break makes something click and he turns back into a god on the mound.
  21. I’d do it you’re set with good keepers without those two
  22. Suarez Ohtani Dozier feel like Suarez and the rest of the offense will get going when gennett comes back next week.
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