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  1. i'd try packaging soroka or minor with someone to upgrade another position and free open a spot first. he's gonna make at least one more rehab start so you have like a week to try to find one
  2. I think it's fair and I'd do it for Scherzer but not Sale. Sale is an injury risk and has faded at the end of the year the last two years.
  3. I'd take it. Rizzo/Garver are better than Sanchez/Naylor imo
  4. I'm currently winning HR (6 to 9) K (52 to 44) ERA (3.25 to 5.17) WHIP (1.01 to 1.34) and QS (5 to 4). We're tied in saves. He has Bieber vs the Yankees and Diaz/Vazquez as his closers. I have 6 SP scheduled to pitch today. We can play 6 SP and 2 RP or 5SP/3RP or 4SP/4RP. My closers are Yates Chapman Davis and Leclerc so I would play at least the first 3. Which of the following SP should I start? I currently have the first 4 in but I'm debating on taking Montas and Odorizzi out and putting Thor in. I'm also thinking I should just leave the first two in and take the others plus Leclerc ou
  5. I’d decline because it significantly weakens your pitching while not really upgrading your SS and I doubt encarnacion is a big enough upgrade over your 1B to justify trading your ace
  6. I’d decline. Soroka is due for regression and Adames is meh.
  7. Do it drop Tehran Hernandez and probably Jimenez
  8. Plesac back out for the 6th cmon kid get the QS
  9. Both on waivers putting a claim in for both who gets #1 priority? R 2B 3B HR RBI SB AVG OPS C - Empty, 1B - Voit, 2B - Moustakas, 3B - Suarez, SS - Story, IF - Polanco, LF - Acuna, CF - Kepler, RF - JD Martinez, OF - A Garcia, bench - Robles, Gennett (IL) Gallo (IL) I’m thinking Lowe because he can play 5 positions and 2B until Gennett comes back if I try to move Moustakas in a package to a 2B needy team for Cole/deGrom/Sale. Thoughts?
  10. He’s started 53/61 games I wouldn’t call that a platoon player. That’s 140 starts for a whole year
  11. Ok so I’d probably center my offer around Castillo or Paddack. Both have pitched better than Nola but Castillos Sierra/era differential is top 10 in the league meaning he’s a high risk negative regression candidate. Someone posted a link in the Odorizzi outlook thread with the top 10 if you’re interested. Paddack has an innings limit but you play 18 weeks so that might mean you’re safe. If you know Paddack will be there for the whole year I’d prefer to deal Castillo. Try one of them plus a bat at his weakest position for JDM and if the price goes up to much or he doesn’t want to do it try some
  12. Keeper or dynasty Soto. Redraft it depends on the cost for me. If they cost about the same give me JD otherwise whoever he’s selling cheaper (most likely Soto)
  13. I’m starting him in both my leagues. I haven’t won or lost era/whip yet so this could backfire In 11 total starts this year in AA/AAA/MLB he has a 1.42 era and 0.78 whip in 69 2/3 and 65 ks to go with that. I know only 2 starts are in the majors but he’s been on fire this year and was good in Fenway so why not take a chance. It’s also at home and the Yankees first time seeing him those are two more things working for him
  14. Sell high on Soroka for a SP or OF upgrade. You can package Sano with him since you have Rizzo and Bregman. I wouldn’t sell JD just yet unless you’re getting an ace back
  15. Kahnle, his underlying stats look better and Workman’s walk rate is pretty damn high and I’m worried that’s gonna catch up to him at some point
  16. Guarantee Kepler goes 0/5 tomorrow when I play him fml
  17. Kepler 0 for his last 21, bench him, 2/2 2 homers 3 rbis so far. Nice
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