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  1. Buxton > Conforto > Robles if you need HR/RBI then Conforto > Buxton
  2. Are you keeping meadows and Bauer if you don’t take this? Are you keeping degrom if you take this? Do you like degrom/new keeper better than Bauer/meadows? If you’re just playing to win now I’d take it I like degrom more than Bauer this year. Albies is meh and I’m sure in an eight team league you can somewhat replace meadows. It’s easier to find bats than potential top 5 SPs imo
  3. I’d drop Eloy for smith (steals) or Dahl depending on need. I wouldn’t blame you if you stood pat I don’t think you need to make a move
  4. Since 4/14 (not including 5/10 at Col) 7 starts 2 W 1 QS 38 2/3 IP 35 K 1.09 whip (35 hits 7 walks) 2.79 era (12 earned runs) At Arizona, vs Cincy, at Wash, vs LAD, vs Pitt, vs Arizona, at NYY Surprised he’s not getting talked about more
  5. Id do it. Acuna’s expected average, slugging, and WOBA are all like 30 points higher than what’s he’s doing right now. I’m expecting a monster summer out of him and I’m not high on altuve at all.
  6. My offers would be Alonso/Eloy for Wheeler/Gurriel Alonso/Eloy/Soroka for Gurriel/Verlander or Strasburg or Ryu i don’t think he would take either of your offers. If you wait til Goldy gets hot he’ll prob take it but as of now your core offer (goldy/Eloy for Verlander) is basically two underperforming players for a stud and I can’t see him taking that unless he’s in love with goldy’s and eloy’s ceilings.
  7. Woodruff is on fire b2b 8 inning gems I’d go with him
  8. Last Friday (5/24) the report was he was headed to extended spring training. Hes first eligible to come back 6/7 but 3rd week of June seems like the most likely return if he gets 3-4 rehab starts
  9. The Mets don’t want him in LF and when McNeil and Cano come back he’ll go back to playing once a week. I think best case scenario for fantasy this year he ends up getting traded for SP when Cano and McNeil come back and they’re letting him play LF to audition his bat. The Mets could also keep him all year and hope a DH comes to the NL next year. He is younger than Alonso so if they’re confident a DH is coming they might hold him
  10. looks good. I'd try to package harper and soroka for an ace but that's it
  11. AVG/SLG/WOBA - .270/.464/.361 XBA/XSLG/XWOBA - .301/.556/.399 Im expecting a monster summer from him
  12. I’d take it. Your offense is stacked and Cole is a stud, not sold on mikolas or Perez.
  13. 1. Hiura has the highest ceiling and is in the best offense I'd go with him 2. Ohtani or if you want to go no catcher Ramos. I'm not convinced this past weekend means anything he's still hitting a ton of groundballs 3. Fraizer would be the only one I'd consider
  14. I'd drop both for those guys, Eickhoff for Pivetta and Castillo for Turnbull that way you still have a closer.
  15. I'd do 2. Who would you replace Rizzo with? That would determine if I do the first one. If it's Kevin Cron then decline
  16. 6/10 3 hr 4 rbi 5 r for the weekend Looks like that trip to the minors worked
  17. Figures I finally get good matchups with Thor and Buehler and they both decide to suck
  18. and he gets out of it, standing anderson at 3rd. only 3 runs given up
  19. I lost patience and dropped him in my 10 team. There’s just too many other options worth taking fliers on. Rather have the shiny new prospect (hiura Riley etc) than this guy on my bench at this point
  20. Go Strasburg (but Mets win) Nola and Martin
  21. Rosario with the walk off infield single! Cano was on deck and thankfully he didn’t get up. He would’ve just walked back to the dugout if he hit a grounder
  22. Bassitt 3 2/3 lmao are you kidding me
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