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  1. 12 team 5x5 h2h i give Freddie Freeman, Cristian Javier, and Matt Barnes i get Jacob deGrom and Charlie Blackmon
  2. Go Rodon and Shane O’Mac! Here comes the money!
  3. 4/23 3/31 1/24 so far this week. I don’t think I’ve ever had an offense this cold
  4. The entire offense is a dumpster fire right now. I’d say yes buy low on all Mets they can’t possibly be ice cold all year long. But then again it is the Mets. As for specifically Dom Smith, he has an xba/xslg/xwoba of .300/.557/.390 vs .203/.329/.239 actual. His babip is about 60 points lower than his career average. His LD/GB/FB splits and quality of contact percentages are consistent with last years breakout season. Underlying metrics support that he is a prime bounce back candidate and buy low or hold wherever you can
  5. The Mets are an embarrassment to professional sports. 1 run against garret Richards and nick pivetta is a joke. Cohen needs to meet with the coaching staff before they go back into the clubhouse and fire the entire coaching staff. Then he needs to trade deGrom to a team that can actually score runs. Hell trade him to the Dodgers so we can watch him have the greatest single pitching season ever in the modern era. After that cut every one on the team. Degrom is the only one that deserves to get paid. Bunch of loser clowns.
  6. The Dodgers will put Urias, buehler, and May on the 10 day IL with a phantom injury at some point to manage their innings. Maybe Kershaw too. Gonsolin should get enough starts to remain fantasy relevant.
  7. It’s the best day of the week. Happy CyGrom Day!
  8. I have Sanchez in 4/5 leagues and am holding through this week because they play Baltimore and Detroit. If there aren’t any positive signs I’m dropping for whoever the best available catcher is. I would not blame you for dropping him now for Molina or posey since both have been playing great.
  9. In a dynasty this seems like a no brainer to me.
  10. He’s not getting anything to hit because the rest of the lineup is trash. Frustrating but I’m still holding. 3 weeks isn’t enough of a sample size to make me drop him.
  11. 2 and it’s not really close. Alacantra isn’t replaceable but everyone you give up in deal 2 is + I like abreu more than Olson
  12. I don’t think Blackmon is done but it’s a lot more likely that he doesn’t rebound (due to age and a worse lineup) so I’d take the safer option in conforto.
  13. Hitting 2nd everyday in a good lineup. 15 runs and 18 rbis 3 weeks into the season. Anderson in front and Abreu behind him should give him plenty of opportunity to contribute in both categories.
  14. Have an open spot on my roster so pickup Brad Miller to stream at Coors this weekend. Sits all 3 games with a sore neck. Thanks for wasting one of my yearly adds you bum
  15. CyGrom 2 hit shutout Em Vee Pee
  16. rbi dub for cygrom. he should win mvp literally does everything for the mets
  17. Mets get runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out And they don't score To nobody's surprise
  18. 14/3/12 2 steals .308 avg .845 ops. All the underlying metrics support his strong start.
  19. It’s CyGrom day! Go Matz Wood Glasnow
  20. Lindor and Freeman are pretty damn even. Giolito is far better than any of those SPs. Semien is a one year wonder. No idea how anyone says Freeman side easily. I’d take Lindor/Giolito side all day
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