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  1. SP - deGrom, cole, Bieber, Burnes, glasnow RP - Hader, Chapman, Karinchak, Barnes, Whitlock, Clase, Knebel, Heur Antone is elite but to act like he’s definitively top 5 is ridiculous.
  2. He’s not even top 5 in “filthiest stuff”
  3. Why is gsellman on a major league roster? He’s trash. Really can’t find anyone else
  4. Getting really sick of how pitchers are treating Gallo. They refuse to throw strikes and all he does is walk now. Just now bases loaded have to pitch to him, walks on 5 pitches. SMH getting the Bonds treatment
  5. Lamet only gets 2 innings? Thought for sure he’d get 4, maybe 5 if his pitch count was low enough
  6. 17% BB rate and 6% K rate (both career bests by a lot). BABIP is 100 points lower than his career average. Causes for concern are a high GB% at the cost of both LD% and FB% and also an increase in soft contact. Both soft contact and GB% are up about 10 points higher than career averages. He’s seeing the ball well (see BB% and K%) so one would assume (or hope) that once the Mets start playing a more regular schedule the contact quality will positively regress and Lindor will be fine. Also doesn’t help that every Met except Nimmo is ice cold. Basically over the next couple of weeks the Mets wi
  7. Damnit Fulmer it’s the pirates. Streamed your bum a** in all 5 leagues smh
  8. Xba/xslg/xwoba of .278/.436/.353 vs .184/.327/.278 actual. Lowest K rate and highest BB rate of his career. BABIP ~120 points below career norms. Hard hit rate good, LD% up GB% down, HR/FB 8-10 points below career norms. Buy low and/or hold with confidence.
  9. He’s gonna have to play second to keep his bat in the lineup. Kelenic should be up in the next couple of weeks. Trammel Lewis Kelenic haniger at the 3 OF spots and DH, Seager at 3B, White at 1B, only leaves 2B for France. He will dh at some points but he’s going to get enough starts at 2B to maintain fantasy eligibility as long as he hits imo.
  10. D’Arnaud and not even close for me
  11. Everyone on the Braves not named Acuna has been awful so far. Albies, Freeman, D’Arnaud, Ozuna, and Riley have all started off ice cold. If Swanson is still bad when everyone else is hitting then it will be time to panic.
  12. His statcast expected stats are .292 XBA (highest of his career) .524 XSLG (also career high) and .380 xwoba (career high) vs .176/.324/.265 actual. His strikeout rate is a career low. He’s going to be fine. You have to remember the Mets had 7 of their first 13 games PPD so that irregular schedule is definitely messing with the offense. Everyone but Nimmo is struggling.
  13. Most people aren't going to sell low on their first 5ish picks 2 weeks into the season. You could try to see if the owners are desperate or impatient but it's very difficult to buy low on slumping studs this early.
  14. Aaron hicks is a terrible baseball player. Just sucks at everything
  15. 7 of the Met's first 13 games have been PPD and only one has been made up. Him and the rest of the Met's offense (except Nimmo and Dom) are ice cold most likely due to the erratic nature of their schedule to start the year. He'll be fine.
  16. I’d offer Greinke or Wheeler to get it done
  17. Lowrie. Guaranteed playing time and hits higher up in the lineup.
  18. 3rd times the charm Happy CyGrom Day!
  19. He pitches the 8th inning so whenever the Mets need him there next is when he’ll pitch again
  20. If it’s daily waivers (no fa pickups just waivers) I’d put up ~40%. If it’s not daily waivers and you have fa pickups I’d bid at least 70%. 100% would be justifiable since I doubt a top 40 player appears on waivers again.
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