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  1. I kno it’s a long ways out but hypothetically if chase is the Starter for the cards and he stays healthy I think we’d have to assume RB10-12 kinda numbers right?
  2. Dak was the best example of this when he was playing. He was a fantasy monster cuss the cowboys were 20 points at half every game.
  3. Love Gibson. Not worried about mckissic at all not even a little. He may take some touches but Gibson is a stud and will produce.
  4. Idk. He’s so little it’s hard for me to believe he’s anything more than the 3rd down specialist. Not a lot of 200 pound guys expecting to handle much work load yanno. CMC is the only one I can think of close to the same weight and he’s another kinda beast entirely. id imagine if Henry is hurt it turns into a time share nightmare and the back up is probably not worth rostering.
  5. 2000 rushing yards. Absolutely! And I’d fight anyone who said otherwise lol
  6. oh I highly doubt he gets 2000 yards. No ones ever done that twice in a career Let alone two times back to back. But if he did he would be a first ballot hall of famer in my book and wouldn’t need to take another snap. 1500-1600 yards with 14-16 TDs is a safe bet I’d assume.. injury free of course.
  7. I hear ya. Everyone wants the 3 down guy who never comes off the field but guys like Henry or Chubb are just so good at running they’re gonna get ya points. Just gonna suck it up and draft em lol
  8. You can try to spin it any way ya want but everyone with eyes knows mahomes is better.. except for you.. unless your blind stats show it, wins show it, and the eye test shows it. He’s been better since the first moment he set foot on a pro field. And it’s fine Allen is still really really great just not mahomes great.
  9. In Josh Allen’s best season he still had less passing TDs and passing yards and more interceptions than pat mahomes. Hard to argue he’s better than pat. But I enjoy watching the fails
  10. Well 2 years ago fournette had like 70 catches thus my comparison. But your right swift is light years a better receiver than fournette he’s got some kamara like moves in the receiving game
  11. I’m as big a will fuller fan as there is out there. But he is not an elite WR1. That’s just blasphemy.
  12. I don’t agree with most of this but I do agree that swift will never be a superstar. However if he gets the ball 20-25 times a game he will be by default and fantasy stud similar to fournette 2 years ago
  13. im not saying your wrong. Odds are after getting big workloads RBs get nicked up. It happens to a lot of RBs. But CMC is much much smaller. I believe he was only 205 in the combine and demarco Murray was injury prone his whole career. 2014 was the first season he played 16 games then on free agency he went to a chip kelly eagles offense that was a complete mix match of a system for him. He was healthy most of the season just played poorly... was really fun to hear these eagles fans complain too. i tends to agree without Eddie George in the fact henry isn’t taking big hits. Despite be
  14. this is true but you just took away all qb rushing yards for one team and none of the others. Take away wentz, hurtz 500 yards. Rodgers 150 yards, Murray’s 700 yards, cams 600 yards., taysom hills 500 yards away And the ravens are still a top 3-4 rushing team meaning dobbins should have plenty of opportunities in a still Very run heavy offense... but I agree with you 1500 yards is awful lofty and LJ doesn’t check down often. One thing that gives me hope besides the high TD numbers he could get is his long run ability. Even with limited carries he was #4 on the league with runs over 20 yards w
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