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  1. Should I replace my C in Jansen for any of the following in a 10 team h2h redraft H R HR RBI BB SB OPS AVG. FA's are as follows: C.Vazquez, Alfaro, B.Mccann, R.Perez, J.Phegley, Mejia, wieters, zunino
  2. In a 10 team h2h. Have Severino, Glasnow and Kluber on IL. Seems as Glasnow has the least likelihood of coming back. What SP would you add: M.Kelly, C.Anderson, K.Gausman, Z.Davies, M.Perez, Yarbrough, Junis, Desclafini
  3. He is and sorry to steal from this thread but I have 2 IL spots with glasnow, severino, kluber and glasnow on IL
  4. Debating dropping severino for him
  5. Asked a few days ago but FA’s have changed. In a 10 team h2h redraft with severino, glasnow and kluber on IL. Worth dropping secerino for any of the following: Ponce de Leon, Kikuchi, porcello, m.gonzales, kelly, k.gibson
  6. Worth dropping dejong and mallex for Hicks and Davis?
  7. Mallex smith, k.davis, Mancini, Hicks or kiermaier in a 10 team h2h redraft H R HR RBI BB SB OPS AVG. Remainder of my bats: Voit, Jansen, mondessi, Soto, bell, escobar, Suarez, Pham, puig, merrifield, Alonso, Turner, dejong
  8. Yes to accepting and thank u for help on mine
  9. Gents thx for the help yesterday with my SP post. Have one more for you all. Need an SP. Who’s the best short term or long term add in a 10 team h2h redraft Pineda. Roark, m.gonzales, ponce de Leon, k.gibson
  10. Thx all, anyone else and feel free to link your posts
  11. In a 10 team h2h redraft. Have only 2 IL spots. Have the following on IL: kluber, severino, glasnow and carasco. the remainder of my arms are: canning, greinke, German, Boyd, degrom. worth dropping any of my IL players for any of: freeland, Castillo, m.gonzales, leake, m.kelly, Gibson, Davies, peacock, Pineda, m.perez, Turnbull, e.lauer, Duffy, Roark, m.chavez, DeSclafani
  12. Worth replacing molina with any of the following C’anin a 10 team h2h redraft H R HR RBI BB SB OPS AVG: Jansen, r.perez, Alfaro, d’Arnaud, phegley,lucroy, mejia, zunino
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