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  1. no problem! Clearly just a personal preference which is fantasy biased. But as for success last year - Record 19/20 season after feb 5 (Capela trade): 12-10 Then playoffs (5-7) I suppose they weren’t bad, but they did have harden!!
  2. Yeah, of course. But Houston small ball is super lame. Pelicans cuz/ad twin towers was fun.
  3. Norm Powell or Kendrick nunn in the streamer slot tonight...
  4. 3-6 record... might be worth trying boogie & wood front court!
  5. Ok. When my draft happens next week, I will look to take in 6th round. Thanks
  6. Better grab him. looking like vintage slow mo, minus the hitch in his shot.
  7. Tj buckets and the suns, keep On rolling.
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