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  1. Agreed. The foul ball off the leg is a freak thing and obviously not his fault, but the injuries he went through earlier in the season were kind of bull and honestly I think he wasn't really hurt i think he needed those days off because he was fatigued after coming into the season so fat and out of shape. I hope he takes his off-season training seriously this time around and shows up in great shape for spring training next year.
  2. This guy needs to take his stupid non matching eyes and get the hell out of baseball
  3. "Rockies don't play the kids" is not a myth. As fantasy players I think we sometimes tend to over analyze things. In this situation just trust your eyes. This guy is not going to get playing time until he gets traded or he turns 35.
  4. I guess he's done stealing bases too, probably too fat. Twice he was on first base yesterday with nobody in front of him and he didn't even try to steal. He's a fat bum.
  5. This is example number 5,000,000 of why the Mets are a clown organization. Davis had been their best hitter in the second half, then they decided to barely play him in September and they dropped out of playoff contention lmao what a bunch of morons.
  6. Thinking about adding but his control issues in AAA are startling. 55 innings 41!! walks. He was so much better in AA 78 innings 18 walks. Anyone ever watched this guy pitch? What's the deal?
  7. Is this guy an opener or a starter now with stripling hurt? Is he even stretched out to go more than 2 innings?
  8. Don't let your hottest hitter who's a lefty get any at bats in Yankee Stadium. With this type of managing no wonder they can't win the division.
  9. You don't need to tell me anything boss im not here to be comforted by you im just speaking truths about the man's mediocre season.
  10. Your expectations are too low imo and that's fine that's your business. Im in 4th place out of 12 in the league in which I own Betts so he hasn't destroyed my season but you're simply not being honest if you can't acknowledge he's been a disappointment. He's putting up Brandon Phillips numbers lol.
  11. Who says I expected him to finish #2? It isn't unrealistic to expect the reigning MVP to have a good year. ~.290 30/20 isn't unrealistic and might not be #2 overall but it's waaaaay better than what he's producing now and I think most people would have been happy with that. If your league doesn't count walks or OBP he's been a complete bust, especially when you consider how many mediocre players are on pace for 30-40 homers this year. You simply don't get it if you think 20/15 .275 is worth a first round pick.
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