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  1. Already a Big Ben thread. Check the forum index
  2. Deebo, Zeke, CEH, Booker thanks for the reply on my thread.
  3. Have to pick one (final flex spot): Hunt Booker Shepard
  4. What I’ve enjoyed has been a lot of this weeks projections show Sanders as a top 5 back. Nothing I’ve seen lately would likely even put him top 10, especially with how their offense is playing.
  5. Now that Julio is trending in the wrong direction for next week and maybe beyond, does he vault up the charts even more? Believe he blew up in some of the games Julio missed early on..
  6. Andrews or gio at flex in ppr? Have a hunch about Andrew’s today..
  7. Out of curiosity, does anyone know how the practice reps are divided with Taylor, Hines and Wilkins? Wonder if/how the dynamic of practice reps has changed as the season has progressed.
  8. Is it bush league to play him at flex? Almost feel bad but we all had the chance.
  9. I have Deshaun Watson and Matt Ryan. He wants ryan and my starter chark for Moore and hooper who I won’t use. I’m entertaining the offer because Luton scares me. Thoughts? PPR redraft
  10. Any dawg pound homers with local beat insight? Playing and if so to what extent? Tough to gauge Stefanski’s demeanor with players post injury?
  11. Definitely have this completely unfounded ‘feeling’ about him tonight. Can see him hitting a few long ones and a TD. With 3 flex spots .. I wonder if I have the stones to start him..
  12. Any intel on how practice looked for him today? Sunday prognosis thoughts?
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