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  1. Didn't know this guy was a 2k+ per game type of player. He looks absolutely lost at the plate.
  2. Can’t handle the f’n Sox at home? Easy cut, especially since this will be his last start
  3. HA!!! Javy Baez is a barely rosterable hump.... (Let's see if that works...)
  4. Mitch Haniger is a barely rosterable hump. There I said it!
  5. F'n other managers! My POS opponent, who happens to be the guy who served as best man in my wedding, refuses to roll over and die for me this week. So sick of these other dickbags trying to win MY league! Don't they know this is my year?!
  6. Overreact all you want or dismiss 4ks as nothing, but his contact skills have always been an issue. You guys can argue about his merits going forward but for a persistent issue to pop up in a game where the rest of the team is clubbing the ball does give me some concern that he could be a dead roster spot in the short term. Shaw might be bad right now but he is a proven major league player. I don't think this guy will have a long leash.
  7. I'm done picking up prospects. When I don't chase shiny new toys like this piece of sh*t hump Hiura, I win. When I do I am rewarded with the Senzel and Hiura's of the world. F'n losers. *and I'm sure they will be fine players but unlike most fantasy baseball players I'm in the league to win and not just accumulate potential talent.
  8. Can't decide which one would be better. Any thoughts?
  9. I just can't believe any pitchers throw anything close for him to hit. It's negligence on their part. He's as automatic of an out in the league when pitched even remotely properly.
  10. When the league figures out you never have to throw anything to Baez, he will not be rosterable.
  11. Benched Musgrove for Weaver last night. Yeah..
  12. Actually, I’ll give Weaver a lot of credit for tonight, got the QS and wiggled out of some jams.
  13. And sale getting ANOTHER ND is just a total kick in the balls
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