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  1. I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence to not at least mention Votto in this thread. assuming he’s done choking up like he’s a tee baller, he should benefit from that overhauled lineup. I expect him to get some power back and bump his OBP up a hair as well
  2. What’s your high, low, and likely outcomes for Hunter Greene?
  3. Well I hope you are right but I gotta say I disagree. I will agree Pache is raw, much more so than these 2, but still producing better results at the same level, while being younger and playing gold glove defense. This says to me that Pache is that much more talented, with a much higher ceiling. Trammel has a flawed swingpath. He is super quick but doesn’t have great timing. He’s in and out of the zone too fast and leads to weak contact. India is extremely polished, he just hasn’t hit. Lack of high end talent? Was his one huge year at UF a mirage? I think all these things put Pache mu
  4. I gotta ask, what in the world makes you trust Jon India or T Trammels offense more than Pache? We know Pache is on another level defensively, and he’s performed better than both offensively, while being younger. What gives?
  5. 99% of the time I’m with you completely, and I still agree for the most part. Howevah(Stephen a Smith voice), since his swing change, even with a shoulder injury, he has been a 300 guy with big time power. 42 homers in 430 at bats. Now of course the swing change was in spring training so the sample size is small, 430 at bats between AAA and the majors. I think this is the main disconnect in this thread. The detractors should at least acknowledge that this is a completely different guy than from even last year. I also don’t think any of us believe he is a 300 950 OpS guy. But
  6. Absolutely not. The promising thing about him is that this new stance and swing is undefeated. He didn’t make the change till this preseason and he has torn up AAA and this sting in the bigs. The tools have always been there. His ceiling is quite high
  7. Anubody have any thoughts on him. 21 year old in high A in the Reds organization. Supposedly solid D at short and really hitting well in Daytona. Leading the league in doubles and really showing some power in a league that suppresses it greatly. Can run a little as well. Just won player of the week in the league and hit another homer and double tonight
  8. Showing life in AA. OPSing 877 since the promotion. Over 1.000 the last 10 with 11 walks and 7 ks. Still not exactly mashing but you gotta love the plate discipline. I could see a Rendon type career arch, mid 700 ops for the first few years then he taps into the power and pushes it well over 800. Probably never gets to what Rendon has done the last few years tho, being over 900 consistently. Also think India hits for a good bit less power but steals a lot more bags.
  9. Yeah Bell is awful. He gets way too cute with platoons and double moves. Manages every game like it’s game 7. He’s doing this with a Reds roster that has young guys who need everyday at bats to see what they have. He needs to have Winker, Senzel, and Aquino in the of every day with Ervin playing somewhat regularly. Then let Van Meter start the majority of games at 2nd base and hope he is a fixture there. As a Reds fan I’m pretty excited about what Aquino can be. He’s not the ordinary 25 year old, come out of nowhere type. He’s always had the frame and tools. The swing change has given hi
  10. Yeah he’s gonna hit. Just be patient. Reds are rolling and he’s a big part of it
  11. Not much reason to own with Scooter coming back, even before them really. Iglesias and Dietrich both having career years and the Reds “trying” their hardest to compete
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