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  1. I like the 1st trade better than the 2nd. Mad Bum will get you high strikeouts. The ERA will improve. However may not get you a lot of wins being with the aguanta. Secondly if you need a closer, Holland has a pretty solid role for now. And then jimmy hasn’t played in almost 2 years but he was breaking out before he got hurt. You’re getting 3 players for basically one as who knows when stripling will ever pitch. If you need the candidates and the closer, I’d do it. If not hold on to Nola.
  2. Blackmon and Polanco..you gotta think when the weather heats up so does Harper usually. Get the most out of him while you can.
  3. Currently own McNeil and M Franco. Thinking about dropping Franco for Miguel Sano. Thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Yea I’m leaning hold, but frustrated and unsure about Harper
  5. Yea but Duplantier just got recalled too. I like Gallen long term
  6. Can you advise on mine please?
  7. Gallen. It’s just a matter of time before the marlins finally call him up.
  8. Hello, i was recently offered Aaron Hicks, Robles, and Luis Castillo for Harper and Holland. My current eligible OFs: Harper, Cain, Mancini, Markasis, McNeil, Buxton SPs: Greinke, Carrasco, Price, Glasnow, Hendricks, Martin RPs: Diaz, Parker, Kimbrel (on NA), Britton and Baez (both for holds). Should I do the trade, and if so, what OF would you drop to complete the trade. I’m thinking Markasis. Thanks for the help!
  9. Dude unlike above this is an easy choice. Drop Happ
  10. Drop Pederson for Buxton??
  11. Dro Pederson for Dietrich, Soler, Buxton or keep Pederson?
  12. I believe your right...I didn’t post this. My son did
  13. Dietrich, Soler, Buxton or keep Pederson?
  14. Appreciate it..any other opinions?
  15. 4 SPs is a little thin, unless you plan on streaming one or two.
  16. Currently own Hendricks, but thinking about dropping him to stream a SP as my other 5 starters are decently solid. Hendricks starts today but I could also add Gausman, or Reynaldo Lopez for today. Is Hendricks droppable to use his slot to stream a pitcher, and out of those two mentioned, which one would you do? Or do I wait it out with Hendricks? 12 man H2H league. Current SPs: Greinke Price Carrasco Glasnow Folty Thanks!!
  17. Lol yea I only had him for SBs but def isn’t worth it in the long run...appreciate the help!
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