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  1. BUMP, Waivers process in an hour. Leaning Kepler - quite a few labeled him a breakout candidate and he's hit 3 HRs in the last 3 days. Heyward hasn't hit more than 14 HRs in the last 5 years and is not hitting in an optimal spot in the lineup. H2H Points League
  2. More of a power, runs and RBIs focused league. TIA
  3. Both have pretty high potential but relatively low floors. Mancini has an awful supporting cast around him. Tough call, flip a coin.
  4. Schebler has been terrible so he should start immediately when healthy.
  5. I would drop Winker, stash Scooter and hold on with Dozier. I don't think Dozier will ever be what he was with the Twins but he's hitting 2nd (for the time being) in that lineup that has been pretty explosive.
  6. Tough decision but probably Lowe. He has a higher upside, hit 22 HRs in AAA last year but you're well covered at 2nd base.
  7. I think you mean Eflin and Swanson? Jones and Marte for sure, 3rd I might go Swanson or Bruce. I don't think you'd start Eflin often enough.
  8. I would do it in a heartbeat if you have someone close to Cano's capability.
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