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  1. [...] his production is pathetic. His entire career is basically just a nice average and decent counting stats from batting in the 3 hole. I will drop him again soon, [...] ...but if he catches fire again he will go down as my least favorite player of all time.
  2. Just picked him up for $1 in a keeper league. I was comparing season Runs/RBI totals around the league and most good players are at 30/30 at least at this point, and he's at 36/43. I dropped Ahmed Rosario for him. Rosario has a ton of potential, but Swanson is out producing him in the 5 categories we track: Runs, RBI, HR, SB, Avg. He also bats higher in the order than Rosario. In fact on this date, he is nearly identical to Rhys Hoskins stats (+5 more steals)!!!
  3. He was on fire until Baldelli sat him. The Twins have mishandled this monster from the beginning IMO. He should be getting as many ABs as possible for the next 10 years. They probably should have hired him a personal chef and personal trainer as well, but who knows if they tried. All I know is in the documentary "Pelotero", (when he was 16) he looks nothing like he does today.
  4. I had dropped him in a shallow league when he went on the DL. But then after some thought I made room on the bench to stash him. Not only are his stats superior to most catchers, but the Twins bat him leadoff and even at DH a few times. This guy has potential to be a top 5 catcher in baseball, fantasy-wise.
  5. If he's on waivers, he should be rostered today. Best swing all year a couple games ago on the HR vs Hendricks
  6. Buy low. He's going to hit in the top 3 in the order in one of the best hitters parks in baseball. Good offense around him. Worst case scenario, he's a top 100 player.
  7. [...] The numbers have been bad, but he has gotten robbed a few times lately. If he gets back to close to normal, I'll have a huge bargain. He's always been a different type of player. He can look really bad for 3 ABs and win the game on the 4th. With his lineup placement and OBP, he is going to give you runs at least. If he finishes below .275avg I'd be surprised. That means he would hit about .300 the rest of the season. I figure he's a lottery ticket at this point and worth a low risk trade/pick up.
  8. I joined this website specifically to join in this conversation. I read the Brockpaper hype and I picked him up in a dynasty league on April 7th. He cooled off right after that, but I stayed with him. After watching him over these last weeks, this guy looks like a star and I had written him off after Seattle. Homers from both sides of the plate 3 times? Its probably been done before, but I've never heard of it. And he plays 2B, SS, and CF in my league, crucial eligibility. Brockpaper can take another victory lap as far as I'm concerned.
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