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  1. Needed allen and Diggs to give me 65 points to win first place, didnt think it would happen but here they are giving me over 80 combined God Iove the Bill's now
  2. Forgot to put jones in and I'm going against Adam's damn I suck
  3. I'm totally convinced ab and fournette are league winners, if u have both on your roster congrats you've already won your league
  4. As a giants fan I would be shocked if he wasn't traded
  5. Theres gotta be some Micheal scott what the hell was that meme to insert here
  6. The giants have been cursed since they fired Coughlin
  7. Garbage vs garbage hopefully danny dimes stops playing like trash
  8. I hope the jets sign him it would just make a.horrible situation that much funnier
  9. Flacco should have done a romo and just retired after lamar replaced him he looks horrible
  10. You got kelce and hill who else is there to feed?
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